We all have a purpose. That is how most businesses are started.

Someone decides they don’t want to take the traditional route anymore, and winds up starting a business doing something they love.

Yet when most people look at “entrepreneurs”, they see something different. They are risk takers. They have better ideas than most. They have a stabler financial lifestyle.

The truth is none of those are true. The only difference between them and you is they’ve stepped away from their comfort zone and moved into uncharted waters.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve had a dream, yet haven’t acted on it yet. I meet people every day with ideas, yet don’t know how to take those ideas to the next level.

There is a lot to taking an idea and creating something “sellable”. Something that is actually a viable buisness opportunity.

Which is probably why most people float in the corporate environment for as long as they do. It’s steady work. It’s a paycheck. And it’s not as scary as starting something up by yourself.

Yet if you’re here, chances are you want something more. But how do you put it all together? How do you know if your ideas are viable? How do you know if anyone will be interested in what you have to say?

Start by spending some time with a few questions.

1. What do I love?
2. What makes me happy?
3. What inspires me?
4. What drives me?

5.What do 1-4 have in common?

6. What do I hate?
7. What frustrates me?
8. What makes me sad?
9. What do I worry about?

10. What do 6-9 have in common?

11. What are you passionate about?
12. What do you spend your free time doing?
13. What do you talk about regularly?
14. What would you do all the time if you had the freedom to do it?

15. What do 11-14 have in common?

16. Why am I here?
17. What is my purpose?
18. What do I wish I was doing right now?
19. Where could you find your happiness?
20. How do you wish people viewed you?

21. What do 16-20 have in common?

22. What common items show up again and again, in 1-21?

23. Do I know other people that share my ideas? (either personally or through web searches around the world)

24. Are other people making money doing something similar to my ideas?

25. What products/services are out in the marketplace that touch on my area of interest?

Doing this simple exercise will help you find common threads to what you love to do and what others are looking for.

With billions of people on earth, there are many business opportunities waiting for you. Because you don’t need people in your immediate area to start up a business, with simple tools like a website and Internet access can give you the power to work from anywhere, at any time.