In the first lesson, I explained how to finally put your dreams of writing a book into play and revealed simple steps I used to turn my first book concept into a reality.

If you have not read the first post in this series, I recommend you catch up here first:

Part 1: Writing Your First Book: Fiction or Non-Fiction In One Easy Step

Today I want to provide you with a vital key that will help you move from writing the book to turning it into a career – not something most people have ever really thought about before. But if you do it correctly, you can quickly find yourself nurturing a business that can easily make $100,000 a year.

According to survey after survey, as many as 80 percent of our population feels they have a book inside them burning to get out.

Does that describe you?

Writing a book is one thing. Turning it into a successful business is another. Yet for many of today’s wanna-be writers, they sit around and dream of writing the perfect book (fiction or non-fiction). The thought of turning that into a full time lifestyle business is almost an afterthought; a dream that has no merit and almost seems surreal.

Yet it’s possible. Writer after writer can be found by simple looking to the best seller lists at the New York Times or even on Amazon. Writers that have become household names in a relatively short period of time.

Going from book concept to $100,000 lifestyle business can take shape in many ways.

The Novel Writer

This is the person that has the desire to become the next Danielle Steele or JK Rowling. They would love the life of a writer, sitting down to write novel after novel, each moving up on the success charts. Income is derived specifically from novel sales.

The Coach

Writing a book to you means being able to get your story out. You have something you are deeply committed to, something you’ve learned in great detail over the years. A medical issue you’ve overcome. A problem you’ve solved with your kids. Or a new diet that gave you the body you’ve always desired. The book is a way to get your information out. Yet you see that helping you start a business in which you can work with clients one on one in more detail, helping them solve their own battles with your proven system.

The Infoproduct Writer

Books are great; yet you see something even bigger. You don’t want $1 to $10 for your books; you’re dreaming big. You want to give a lot of information and get paid very well for it. Your goal is to write in great detail and be able to sell your information on a much bigger scale – $100, $1,000 even $10,000 or more for the detailed information you are planning on sharing with the people you can help most. But you have to start somewhere, and your first step is a good old fashioned book.

See yourself in one of the above descriptions? You’re not alone. Yet for most of the 80 percent that dream about, very few will ever take the time to actually create their book. And the numbers get even fewer when turning it into a viable business model.

How To Move From Book Concept To $100,000 Business Plan

Start At The End

If your dreams involve writing for a living, start at the end to see how it all comes into play.

Move forward a year or two and see yourself in your dream business. What does it look like? What do you have to offer?

Lets look at the novel writer.

Her end goal is $100,000 a year business. What would it take to get there?

She can write one book and sell it 100,000 times at $1. Possible, but not probable, at least when she’s a brand new novelist just starting out.

She could move her selling price and change the number of sales she needs to make. A $2 book would require 50,000 sales; a $4 book would require 25,000 sales.

It’s all starting to look a little more doable, right?

Now lets add something else into the equation. What if she writes two books instead of one? Remember we’re talking about a two year time period at this point. Two books would mean writing one book a year. More than doable for someone who wants to become a novelist.

And at the same time, the more novels you write, the better you will become at writing. How many of our most famous novelists spent years writing before one of their books became a runaway best seller? Even Danielle Steel had five of her novels rejected before finding her own success. To date, she has over 90 books published; that’s a massive turnaround.

The more you have available, the more your readers have to buy. And if they love the way you write, why wouldn’t they buy your next release?

This is how business plans are written for a lifestyle business model.

The variables can change. But once you start seeing things come together in your mind, it’s easier to take the first step necessary to make it a reality.

Do you see writing a book as a way to turn your Big Idea into a viable business option? Which of the categories do you fit under – novel writer, coach or infoproduct writer? What are you doing to put your goals into action? I would love to hear your comments below or over on Facebook.