How To Move Past Apologizing And Start Taking Action

I sat back and watched a small business owner sell to a potential client. She finished talking about her business and what she does – I could tell this was the stuff she loves to talk about.

Then it came time for the sale.

“So here is my price. I know its high, but I can work with you if you really feel this is a right fit for you. What would you be comfortable spending?”

In this case, the potential client left without buying. She would have to “think about it”. And when I chatted with the business owner, she said this was a common occurrence.

When it comes to booking, she books very few of the prospects that come through the door. Some jump at her offer – and offer her considerably less than what she quoted. The others walk away. And she’s not quite sure why.

The problem isn’t with what she has to offer. The problem lies with her approach.

Would you want to hire someone that doesn’t have faith in what she does?

Nope, nobody wants to do business with that kind of person. And yet that’s how this business owners comes across to everyone she meets with.

(And the people that take her up on her offer simply see it as a way of getting what they want at a substantial savings.)

In this case, this was a two-fold situation. And we had to disarm it fast.

A Female’s Nature

I read an interesting article on the differences between men and women awhile back. When it comes to applying for a new position, men would apply for things they didn’t have the right qualifications for thinking “I could stretch and do that if I really had to”, while women held back and didn’t apply for things thinking “I simply don’t have enough experience at that to apply”. Needless to say that’s why a lot of great women are held back from advancement; they feel they need to be experts before they will jump at an opportunity.

I see the same thing with many women when they start turning their Big Ideas into a business. They can’t wait to start selling and making a profit doing what they love. But they have to have more experience before they can really charge what they are worth. And in many cases, their thought process behind “more experience” is something they will never achieve – they will always have less experience than those around them. And therefore can never charge what they are truly worth. They have self-doubt. They don’t trust that what they have to give is worth the value they are charging. And that doubt shows up every time they approach a sale.

Which leads us to the second reason for being held back:

Having Little Faith

When a woman builds a business around her Big Idea, it isn’t the sales process that motivates her. It’s the concept of doing what she loves.

But for most people, the concept of “sales” is a new venture they probably have very little experience with. None of us are born salespersons. All of us have to learn how to sell if we hope to maintain our own businesses.

Think back to people you’ve purchased from in the past. Who did you trust more? Who would you rather use?

“Here’s my price. To retain my services, I require half down today, and half when the service is delivered. We take Visa, MasterCard or Paypal, which do you prefer?”

or back to my original example:

“So here is my price. I know its high, but I can work with you if you really feel this is a right fit for you. What would you be comfortable spending?”

Yep, the first one right?

When I decide to form a relationship with someone and do business with him or her, I want to make sure I am working with someone who knows what they are doing and is sure of the product/service they are selling and the price they are charging for it. Any doubts on their part will cause me doubt. And I don’t want my hard-earned money going out to someone I doubt!

I don’t want someone apologizing for the price they charge, the services they offer, or the way they are presented to me. I want them to have faith in what they do, and know that if we work together, they are going to give me 110 percent throughout our time together. Anything less – I simply don’t want it.

When you present your Big Idea to the world, have faith in what you do, from beginning to end. From what you have to offer to how your market and sell it.

Once you have all of that in place, your Big Idea will grow faster than you ever imagined possible.