When we decided to take off on a six week adventure, the planning was a little crazy. Yet after the initial planning was done, the next important question was “what do we travel with”?

You can’t pack like you do for a two week trip. You can’t have enough clothes for six full weeks. You quickly understand you will be washing and buying things wherever you are going, so your priorities begin to change.

So I scoured the Internet for ideas on what people packed and brought with them when they went beyond a normal two week trip. I found a ton of great advice, took it all in, and started making decisions.

Like each of us was allowed two pair of shoes: one on your feet and one in the bag.

And light, easy to dry clothes were going; anything else stayed home.

And for us, our “office” was almost as important as what to wear.

Because we’ve had so many questions about it, I thought I would put together my own list of what came with us on our overseas adventure.

Our gear:

2 – Osprey Porter 65 Backpacks

1 – Pacsafe Venturesafe 400 Travel Briefcase

1 – Pacsafe Citysafe 200 Anti-Theft Handbag

1 –  Wenger laptop case (we’ve had this for awhile, and chose to bring it too to split up our electronics)

What I Liked:

I loved the Pacsafe products. The travel briefcase was perfect for my 15 inch Mac, my iPad and my Kindle Fire, plus the cords that went along with them. I love the anti-theft zippers and clasp, and the strap adjusted easily depending on where we were going and how I wanted to carry it. I also loved the handbag – perfect for the smaller Mac my daughter carries, plus her Kindle and her iPod, plus a few odds and ends she wanted to carry. When we reached our destination, it was perfect to carry as a purse/bag for all of our adventures. I could carry our cameras, maps, even lunch. And with the anti-theft closure, I never worried that someone would cut it off of me our unzip it and run with our money/credit cards.

What I would change:

I really liked the Osprey Porter 65 bags we used – but I would actually go down to the Osprey 46 size instead. These bags do it all – they handle very well, and its nice having both the backpack feature and the side handles to carry. On our overseas flights, they fit perfectly in the overhead containers, which means we didn’t have to check anything. However, they were a bit big for longer journeys and became heavy when we spent long periods of time walking with them on in the heat – like the 45 minute trek all over Venice trying to find our bed and breakfast! Even with three people, we had more than enough room in the bags – yes, that is with summer items, so winter you would need more space. I read repeatedly to plan what you were bringing and then cut in half, and that is the truth. Take as little as possible. The smaller your bag, the less room you’ll have.

What we brought with us:

Now that the bags are lined up, let me share what we brought.

Andrew brought along 4 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of pants (quick dry), 6 shirts, and a weeks worth of underwear. Plus his extra pair of shoes.

Us girls each brought 2 sundresses, 3 pair of shorts, 1 pair of yoga pants, and a variety of tank tops, plus the weeks worth of underwear and 1 extra pair of shoes.

Then we brought our swim gear for the beach and small portions of our toiletries (we bought bottles of shampoo, lotions, etc when we arrived). You can find every brand name item in Europe – and its fun to practice your language skills as you find something new to try.

And of course all of our computer equipment: 3 Mac laptops, 1 iPad, 2 Kindles, 2 iPods, 1 Sony NEX 7 camera and lens, cards and card readers, plus all the cords and converters you need to make everything work in Europe.

Yes, I know, all that equipment sounds like too much. But we really did need it all as we worked many days between our playing. That’s how you run a business AND play at the same time.