How To Surround Yourself With Newness

Let’s face it; we’re creatures of habit. That’s why we live in the same towns, sometimes for our entire lives. That’s why we buy houses and live in them year after year. That’s why we eat at the old, familiar restaurants rather than venturing out and trying something new.

Because new is scary. New makes you vulnerable. And nobody likes to expose themselves to risk. It simply isn’t human nature.

We’re creatures of habit.

Yet sometimes we fight it. And that’s when we win.

I did that.

I did that when I got tired of all the crap going on around me.

And when you see the other side clearly, you see what potential you really have, that’s when it becomes a beautiful thing.

So I did what had to be done.

Sold a house. Got rid of stuff. Moved away. Found out what relationships truly matter in my life, the people that remained there for me no matter how much distance was between us.

And I discovered more of who I am in the process.

Clarity comes from purging.

Clearness comes when you completely change everything about YOU, and you find out who YOU really is meant to be.

Slowing down means speeding up

Busy, busy, busy. That’s how life was before, always ten things on my plate at once. But by slowing down, taking more off my plate, my plate filled up with the things that truly mattered. I have the time to go for long walks. I have time to sit and listen, without checking messages. When I do something, it’s because I truly want to. It allows me to focus in on what matters most.

Simplifying means finding what’s best

I started figuring it out as I sold one thing after another. I had 3300 square feet of “stuff” to fit into a 1200 square foot apartment, and a storage unit wasn’t an option (we made that rule from the beginning.) So I sold a couch, a chair, kitchen gadgets. The first item that left held a memory. So did the second. They were difficult to watch go, at best. But then the third item left my home. And the tenth. And the fiftieth. And soon I couldn’t get rid of “stuff” fast enough. Because the stuff I was getting rid of truly had no meaning. It’d been sitting in a box for years, did I really need it? Or could someone use it more than me?

What was left were things I truly wanted, valued. And because I didn’t have to push things aside to have it in my life every day, the things that were left allowed me to become better in the process. Everything that’s left is truly loved, truly appreciated. Helps me be the best I can be.

Reinvention comes from discovering your love

I knew I loved writing; it’s what I did best. But bridging the gap between making money and doing what I loved was a hard divide to cross. Money’s important, can’t live without it. But the more I wrote, the more I realized I became a better me. So I wrote, just for me. Then I learned to make money from it too. It’s a work in process, changing all the time. But I can honestly say I love what I do every single day.

Throughout this journey, I’ve written. A journal, just for me. As I write and write and write, little things come to light. Lists. Ideas. Opinions. Thoughts. Beliefs. By putting them on paper, I began to see patterns. And as I very carefully took notice, I found myself heading in new directions. Building new frontiers. For me, it came in the form of writing in different areas, genres I never anticipated before. A novel? It was never in my mind as a business model – until I opened up my life in entirely new ways.

For you, it could be anything.

Listen. It’s there telling you what to do. It really can be a beautiful thing. IF you listen.

Let things happen

Do you go out each day with a purpose in mind? Of course, we all do. If you get in the car and drive to the market, you have a list of things to buy. You drive there and back, accomplishing what needs to be done.

But sometimes when you approach everything in your day with the same vigor, you lose opportunity. Go for a walk just because. Say hello to someone, you may make a new friend. Stop and watch the river, you may see an eagle take flight.

When you see something in an entirely new way, it triggers something way deep down inside. It tells you to change. It shows you the way.

Because time is a funny thing. When you don’t have pressure, your mind wanders, it finds creativity.  It finds inspiration.

But if you constantly fill it with things that need to be done, you miss the most obvious beauty that’s right in front of you.

Reinvention isn’t about finding what you don’t have. It’s about finding what’s already deep inside of you. Because its there, I know because I’ve found pieces of me buried in a place I was too scared to let shine through.

Until I wasn’t. Until I reached. And listened.