A few months ago, we left on what most would refer to as “a trip of a lifetime”. Funny thing is we didn’t look at it that way. For us, it really wasn’t a “trip of a lifetime”. Instead, it’s a sign of things to come.

Yep, this is what we want to do in the coming months and years. We don’t want to take the traditional two week vacations that most Americans do. We want to disappear for weeks on end, living, working and playing from locations all over the world.

And the great thing is we now know its possible. Nobody on our sites knew we were gone, earning passive money day after day whether we opened up our computers or not. Yes we brought our “office” with us – just out Mac Pros and the cords to run them. And yes we worked. That was the whole point to see if we could do our job anywhere, as long as we had Internet connection.

Enjoying the true hidden gem of Spain – Girona – where we spent days climbing the ancient walls.

You can’t help but looking at the architecture and saying “WOW”

Enjoying dinner water-side in Venice Italy

During our entire time away, we continued sending emails, ezines, and making blog posts. Information went to our social accounts – Facebook, Twitter, etc – in the same manner it always does. And much of it was automated because we had worked for weeks prior to our trip to make sure it worked.

We had access to all of our financial accounts and reports to continue to track our success day after day. And in all that time, the money continued to flow in – passive income that came in as a product of the way we had set up our business.

To a lot of people, this may seem like the perfect plan – the perfect business. It’s the kind you read about, yet most can never fathom.  And rightfully so. For almost all, this concept is nothing more than a pipe dream.

The concept of passive income isn’t new. I’ve been reading about it for 20 years. It comes in all types of formats, from books to training, and is being taught by people who are getting rich with the concept.

Yet even when you read about it, it’s simply unrealistic for most people. They love the concept of working from home. They love the idea of traveling when they choose, working when they choose, and earning money in a variety of different ways.

Yet what they don’t want is to dedicate years to learning about it, understanding it, and putting systems into place.

Honestly, we couldn’t have taken this trip even a couple of years ago. But when we started dreaming of changing around our lifestyle, we asked different questions.

Do you find yourself like a lot of people:

Hi Lori

I love your business ideas and have followed you for a long time now. The problem for me is getting started at a high enough income level that I can put my focus on my business. Right now with a full time job, two kids, a husband, a house and a mother in law who needs a little help now and then, I just don’t have the time to concentrate. What’s the quickest way I can get this up and running so its making money? How can I bring in income through my products on my blog in the shortest time possible so I can leave my day job and start doing what I really love?



If you find yourself saying this or something similar, you are caught in the never ending cycle of hearing about and wishing for a better lifestyle, though it will always be illusive and just out of your reach.

And partially it’s because you may not truly understand the concept of passive income.

When people earn passive income, it’s because they’ve put in the time in the months and years prior to make it all possible. For me, I’ve attended a ton of training programs, read books, implemented automatic systems, and created the right array of products.

We decided over a year ago we wanted to work from anywhere in the world, so we made sure our systems were accessible from anywhere in the world. It didn’t just happen. We had to work HARD to make sure it would work. Long before we took the ride to the airport and jumped on the plane, we tested things out the best we could to make sure they worked with or without us. And when we encountered problems (little problems here and there), we jumped on them immediately and fixed them. Even if it meant sitting in a McDonalds in Spain, accessing free wifi for the afternoon.

If you are just starting out developing your ideas and concepts now, the key isn’t trying to get your “dream” today. The key is taking the “proven” steps it takes to build your own system and turn it into reality.

For you, it might be coming up with an idea you can turn into a business. Or it may be developing the system to give you a flexible lifestyle.

Each of these is doable – a little at a time. Step one to step two. And so on until it “works” for you every day.

Passive income only works if you’ve worked very hard to implement it. The more you think about it, plan for it, and implement it, the more it will work for you.