I started a post a few days ago. I’ve morphed the title several times. I’ve deleted, added, and changed more of the copy then I’ve ever done before.

Welcome to the new world. The world of uncertainty. The world where the questions you had even yesterday no longer seem to apply.

And yet they do. It’s hard to break habits. It’s difficult to let go of who we were even just a few short weeks ago, and admit that the “new you” might have to be someone very different just to survive.

My February Brain

I’ve been content with my world; I realized that at the beginning of the year, and I decided to make a change.

Honestly, I wasn’t even looking for a new direction. I’m still pursuing my writing BIG TIME – it’s what I want to do. But after my novel writing mastermind shut down last year, I knew I needed something different to hold my attention, to motivate me and help me grow in new ways. I just didn’t know what it was.

Until the end of February.

I got an email about something new Tony Robbins was working on. In case you haven’t read my blog for very long, I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan. I credit him for being my original influencer to helping me grow my first business. I used to pop in a cassette tape into my Walkman and go outside to be motivated while I walked.

So whenever I see his name, I take a glance at what he’s up to.

He had a new course he was offering with someone named Dean Graziosi. I didn’t know him, but figured he had to be a huge influencer if Tony was working with him. They were hosting a free training on a Thursday night. I signed up on the spot, and put it into my calendar.

When the night came, I created space to listen and be present. My husband even made me dinner and brought it to me so I could listen without being disturbed. (Thanks! 😉 )

An hour and a half in, they got to the pitch of their newest product, something called Knowledge Broker Blueprint. Did I want in?

Without even thinking about it, I typed in my credit card and bought my way in.

I knew it was going to change everything.

March 2020, The world is changing

On February 27, 2020, I invested in a new high-level course presented by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. I started the training the very next day. With six modules, dozens upon dozens of training videos, when I say these guys are thorough, I mean THOROUGH.

I’ve been in this business for a long time. I have three businesses behind me. I’ve authored over two dozen books. I’ve created websites, built them, sold them. I’ve done a lot in my life.

But let me tell you, this course is … wow. I can’t believe how much I’m learning.

Every day, I fit in a couple of hours for training, and spend time working through the material. Did I mention there’s a lot of it?

And from the very first training session, I could feel myself start to change. I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal. So I’m not one to allow anything to get me down. But watching made me realize that I had, in fact, let a bunch of negativity creep in and start impacting the way I was thinking. Limiting beliefs, my friends.

UPDATE: I “graduated”! I’ve finished the course as of March 20, 2020. And I’m going to use my new ideas and motivation to make the world a better place this year.

Something else was happening parallel to starting this course. The coronavirus. This isn’t a blog about the impact of coronavirus, but let’s face it, it’s here. And this is my take on it as of today.

I know for sure this is going to make us slow down. When Disney shuts down, when large companies send people home to work, when schools close, when major conventions say “not this year,” when entire cities – countries – come to a grinding halt, you know it’s big.

Panic sets in. I’m not immune to it. My pantry is so stuffed, I can’t get another thing in there.

But I also believe this is short term* stuff. The world ISN’T going to end. We might have to take life a lot slower in the days, weeks, even months into the future. It might change everything as we know it. But it won’t end.

*(NOTE: I define short term based on our lives, how we fit into the overall timeframe of the world. Two weeks might seem like a lot sitting in it like we are. Two months may wear on forever. Is it going to impact us? You bet. But we will move forward. That’s just a fact.)

The world is shifting. We won’t go back to the way it was before.

And that’s okay.

We’re here together in this human experiment. That’s all this is. And how you choose to move forward will decide everything.

What’s Next?

There are two ways to look at this.

One family sits at home, miserable, always fighting. They get on each other’s nerves daily. They stay in their own rooms. They yell and scream every chance they get. “How could this happen to me?” The world has done them wrong, and they are mad as hell.

Another family says: This too shall pass. They find ways to pass the time, together. They smile and say good morning. They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. They talk about what’s happening and work out their fears. They talk about the future, and what part they want to play. They hug and tell each other how much they love each other every chance they get. And when one has a breakdown, is sad, or cries, the rest surround them with love. One day at a time.

Both families are facing the same issues.

Both families are handling the situation in entirely different ways.

It’s not what’s happening TO YOU. It’s how you HANDLE it that matters most.

The world will be a better place at some point in the future. We will move on. We will move forward. It’s progression. And it’s happened before.

Today’s New Reality

Look, I know how difficult this is. I’m here too. Most mornings I get up and am ready to set the world on fire. But earlier this week, I was so filled with despair, I threw a handful of kitchen utensils on the floor after fighting with my husband over … wait for it … a box. Seriously. A box that’s been sitting in a corner ever since we moved in! (It wasn’t the box, obviously.)

After we both had a cool down period, we talked about it. We listened. We got through the feelings we’d built up. And we moved on.

There’s a shift going on.

Tomorrow won’t look like yesterday, or even today.

I agree, it’s scary. But it’s happening whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

The easiest way to move forward is to start planning for it.

I’m not suggesting we have any understanding of what tomorrow will look like. But I do know we’re going to have to be even more resilient than ever before.

Jobs will change. How we make money is going to change. How we learn will change. What we do will change.

And if you don’t change – NOW – it won’t wait for you to catch up.

The best of the best are starting to plan, right now. They’re asking questions. They’re studying and learning something new. They aren’t wasting time by binging on Netflix or playing video games. They are studying and learning how to better themselves, right now.

Read a book. Take a class. (Like I did, with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s course.) Discover more about what you lack.

Have you always had an idea? Have you wanted to start up your own business in the past?

Maybe this is the universe knocking on your door: “Hello, the world is changing, it’s time for you to start learning how to put your business ideas into action.”

If you’re 45, 55, 65, or older, there’s never been a better time to move forward with your entrepreneur’s dreams.

There are so many ways to do it. There are so many business ideas in demand.

If you’ve read this far, can you do me a favor?

Send me a message with your answers to one question:

What do you need right now to help you plan for a better future and start the business idea that’s been floating around in your mind?

I’m with you, my friend. We’ll get through this together.

One day at a time.