What? Internet safety for parents?

But I’m trying to learn how to keep my kids safe – why do I need safety tips?

I thought in this post I would turn the whole idea around of why we as parents need Internet safety. family

Maybe you just don’t have time to learn that much about being online. You don’t visit anymore sites that you have to, and really only turn on your computer a couple of times per week.

Or maybe you spend a full day at work, and the last thing you want to do when you get home is spend more time online learning about the latest technology.

Or maybe you dabble in the new technology, and have learned just enough to be totally confused. 

Yet you as a parent are the only one that can help your child navigate the online world, and teach him or her wrong from right. Most parents are not doing this today, which is leaving many sites on equal territory to the wild west.

So when you child was a toddler, you told her “no” when she tried to touch the stove because you understood it was hot and would burn her.

As a child, you taught her “don’t speak to strangers” because you understood the safety issues.

The same applies to the Internet.

Start with the simple statement “Don’t post anything online you wouldn’t want your parents or grandparents reading”.

If you say it enough, they will listen.

Also teach them stories of the implications. If you post a video showing you drinking alcohol at 17, it may impact getting into the college of your choice, or getting the job you desire. People search, and they will find you.

Think twice. And don’t post anything online you wouldn’t want your parents, grandparents – or even your kids reading.

Not only is it a good rule for you kids, it’s a good rule for you too. Establish your boundaries now, and teach your children well.