It starts getting good when you finally give up

Do you know the story of the woman who goes to the doctor and says, “Doctor, it hurts when I do this?” The doctor responds, “Then stop doing that.”

You keep pushing the same place. You keep poking at the same problem. (poke, poke, poke) You keep thinking the same thought, over and over again.

Every morning it’s the same old thing. Push. Poke. Think.

When will it ever go away? When will it ever get better?

Day after day after day after day…

Until one day you’ve had enough. You can’t take it anymore.


Yep, there comes a day when you no longer can stand it. The fight is all gone. You simply give up and walk away.

This is the best. Day. EVER!

Because this is the day for real change.

Because when you finally give up, it starts getting REALLY good.

You hate the job. The boss sucks. The work is horrible. It’s boring as hell. Day after day, week after week, month after month. No matter how much you hope, it’ll be that way next year, and the year after. Only worse. How many more years are you going to give it?

The relationship is over. You knew it last month. You knew it last year. But there’s a familiarity to it. You’ve been together forever. But every day the tension gets worse. Stop trying to make it work. Who else is out there waiting for you?

Your future is bleak. The economy is bad. Your industry is changing. Your bank account is failing. Your retirement fund is non-existent. What’s a forty or fifty-something (or insert your age here) to do?

Have a story like these or something close to it? How long have you been hanging on? How long have you done the same things over and over again (poke, poke, poke) and expected different results?

If different results COULD happen, they already WOULD have happened.

But they won’t. So no matter how many times you poke (poke, poke, poke), it WILL NEVER change.

Until you change.

And you stop doing that.

And you do something else.

Because doing something else gives you:

Relief. It doesn’t hurt any more. It doesn’t feel like work. You enjoy it. You’re happy. You’re excited about every new day.

Freedom. Worrying about what’s happening takes a lot of your time. And when you don’t worry any more, your mind drifts to the things you can do. You want to do. It invents things. It sees new ways of doing things. It finds hope. It finds the light.

Clarity. All of that crap simply disappears. And the rainbow appears. And it guides your way.

Your new ideal. What could your life be like if you just let it? You can see it clearer than ever before. Without that crazy person controlling your life. Without the job that is killing you from the outside in. What you do suddenly becomes in sync with who you are. What you do matters. It shifts your energy. And it makes all the difference.

Because it starts getting good when you finally give up.