I’m a big fan of Jeffrey Gitomer, (maybe because we both write for the Business Journals ;) ) and love reading his ezine every week. I think the one thing I’ve always noticed about his writing is how upbeat he is. He’slittle gold book of yes always motivating you to take action – to take the next step towards success.

I finally had a chance to read his “Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude” and once again, it’s a great read.

His “little book” series aren’t meant to sit down and digest in one sitting. Instead, read a few pages a day, and digest what he has to say. Use his books to motivate you to change the way you are currently doing things, and make your day more successful.

For example, in one section he speaks of Brain-Ups.

When you wake up in the morning, do you do push-ups to get your body muscles moving? Well a Brain-Up is a similar task for you brain. Flex your thinking muscle – your attitude muscle.

1. Create positive thoughts.

2. Read positive thoughts.

3. Write positive thoughts.

4. Think and plan positive actions for the day.

5. Speak positive words to yourself and others.

5.5 Ignore all bullshit.

Taking the right actions first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day!

So like many things, I’ve added Jeffrey’s 5.5 tasks to my list – and I love how much more energy I have.

Give it a try.