New Year. Another year of trying to get everything right.

Tell me if this feels familiar …

You have this growing itch way deep down inside of you, telling you this is your year to change.

You know exactly what you need to do.

Maybe it’s change direction with your career, quit your job, start up a business …

Maybe it’s letting go of relationships that no longer serve you. You can’t take one more day of your mother (sister, husband, son, friend, insert your relationship here) belittling you in the way only they can do.

Maybe it’s completely changing your life. You know, downsizing, simplifying, moving to a new location. I’ve been there; it’s difficult at best.

You know exactly what you need to do. Yet you often feel frustrated, even paralyzed by all that is in front of you. If it’s moving at all, it’s a verrrrryyyyyy sllllllooooowwwww process.

Then another problem sets in. You’re sidetracked. Something else pops you’re your awareness. Another idea. Another project. Something else to do.

I see it all the time. It’s what I call the “two-hour society”, where every problem imaginable can be solved in a two-hour time slot. Oh, have the movies done a number on our processing systems!

Even if you look for a little help, that rarely helps. Someone offers a flagship training program that will give you direction. Or you sign up for a training course to hear the latest facts. Then a new blog post comes in, you receive ten email newsletters in ten minutes. Even the latest guru promises results if you listen to their podcast for the next forty-five minutes.

So many options!

So you do what most people do in this situation.

You mindshift constantly, always allowing the “latest and greatest” to cloud your judgment. And you tuck your dreams away for another day. It’s easier that way…

Don’t kid yourself, no one is immune to this problem. We all get washed into it from time to time. It’s hard not wanting it all when everyone makes it seem so easy.

But here’s the thing. It’s not realistic to do it all. You will NEVER be able to do it all. So you’ll always be left feeling like you’re leaving stuff behind.

And that’s frustrating. What if you’re missing the good stuff? What if you choose something that isn’t as popular, satisfying, amazing, or successful as another choice?

Round and round you go.

Here’s the one thing I’ve learned. No matter what you do in life, no matter what kind of change you desire to take place, there is only one word that should be in your vocabulary: commitment.

Commitment is how you get stuff done.

Commitment gives you focus. Commitment gives you drive. It provides you with all you need to put priorities in place, and see the most important thing to you all the way through.

The more you put on your plate, the less focus you’ll have. And the more your judgment will be clouded. In my experience, the fewer things on my plate, the more I get done. Multi-tasking is not my friend.

So when I have something I REALLY want to make happen, I put it front and center of everything I do.

It gets top priority. It gets the most of my time, everyday. And I work on it until it gets completed.

It gets my commitment full force.

Ask yourself these questions …

  • What’s important to me?
  • What do I want to accomplish right now?
  • Am I being true to myself and doing something that motivates me?
  • Is this the best use of my time given all the other things I can do?
  • How will this fit into my life 6 months from now? 12 months?
  • Is this going to make me happy for the long term?

These questions give you clarity. They allow you to choose the best tasks for you.

Never overextend yourself. Never give yourself too many tasks to do. Three to five at a time is a good number.

When you have concrete ideas, ignore everything else. Don’t allow any other idea to creep in and take over your direction. If an idea doesn’t directly apply to your main task, ignore it altogether.

And when you really need to get something out, make it number one. Push everything else aside until you get it done.

So what would you like to accomplish this year? What will help you reinvent your life forever? Make a commitment. Get it done.