If you’ve ever sold a house before, you know you put much more work into it in those last few months than you ever did while you were living in it.

And we’re no exception. We’ve been fixing, painting and changing things every weekend for the past few months getting ready for the big day.

But this past weekend, we made one of the biggest changes ever – and we’re kicking ourselves we didn’t do it sooner.

When we first moved in, we loved the kitchen – nice size, great views, and new appliances. The wood cabinets were nice, and had everything we needed.

Only one thing was wrong – the grey countertops.

But we put off doing anything about it. “Someday” kept showing up, and we would always invest in something else within our home.

But as we were planning the sale, those grey countertops stared us in the face. So we looked at options. We didn’t want to invest in granite, too much money with little chance of making it back with the downturn in real estate.

So we came across Granite paint. Yep, I know what you’re thinking. Granite paint, really? I read about it, saw a bunch of photos and a bunch of testimonials. We headed down to the paint shop and talked with the owner and saw actual results. And we loved it!

So we decided to paint our countertops. Here’s the before:

You start by painting them with a black underlayment. Fallon confessed she thought we were insane, and added it to her “journal” of Insane Things My Parents Did While Growing Up.

Then the fun begins. You start adding colors, blend and keep adding to create the look, color and depth you like. In just a few hours, the results were amazing. When Fallon entered the room for the first time, her eyes widened and we got a big “WOW”! Here’s a peek at the process:

Okay, maybe we weren’t so insane after all. Now living with the results for a few days, all I can say is the results are amazing. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is living with average countertops, and isn’t ready for a $30,000 kitchen overhaul. Take a look at the results:

I know many of you want to know the secret. There are a variety of products like this on the market. And after doing my due diligence online, I discovered this amazing product – Giani Granite. The reviews always led me back to this product as being the best, and while I can’t compare it to anything else, I will say it was great. Easy to work with, and great finish – you really do have to look twice to see its not granite.