What did people do before the Internet? How did you plan and live a Gap Year without it?

Okay, maybe people didn’t plan and live a Gap Year years ago quite as frequently as they do today. In fact, I know Gap Years are a relatively new phenomena, especially for the empty nest crowd like us.

A week before we hit the road and moved to the Pacific Northwest for a year, I headed over to my Meetup profile and started searching. And I found some very interesting things (it is Portland after all.)

Meetup 1

Meetup 2

Meetup 3

Meetup 4

And I joined a few.

So as we sat in a hotel waiting for the day we could move into our rental, we headed out on our first Meetup. I found it in a group called Anyone Can Join, and it seemed like a perfect introduction to Oregon.

Meetup 5

We learned a little about the history of Oregon, and enjoyed a meal with new friends at the Kennedy School. And in the process we discovered an icon in Oregon we’ll be investigating even further down the road.

Kennedy School

The key to exploring an area is to learn as much as you can as quickly as possible. And here in the US, Meetup fits the bill. You simply can’t explore new things without it!

So now I’m on the hunt for International Meetup type groups that can help me meet up with others as we continue our travels. So far I’ve found:

International Friends Meetup

Expat Meetup

Are there Meetup sites for other places around the world? That’s on my list for further research. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.