I love reading what other writers have to say. Which is probably why my Google reader looks like a list from the local library – I have dozens and dozens of blogs I follow on a regular basis.

Partially because I’m inspired by what other people do. And partially because its amazing what you can learn to do that will help you grow as a person over time.

I’ve loved reading how people close out the old year, and bring in the new. I love the idea of sitting down and reviewing what worked in the past year and what didn’t, and using your ideas to put together plans for the coming year. I’ve used that concept for years.

But this year I also found another idea that I will be caring forward from this point on.

Its the idea of choosing one word that will be your guidance for the coming year.

When I read about that idea, I quickly chose a word. Then I scratched that idea and came up with another. And another.

But as I was on my daily walk around the lake, I began thinking about how I will be putting together all of my ideas from last year into a new concept. I was thinking about how I can use the best of what I have and really work to make things brighter and better in 2012. And that’s when it hit me. My word:

Yep, refinement. I already have everything I need to build exactly what I have in mind. Yet some things aren’t working quite the way they should. They need refinement.

Refinement means:

  • Improvement
  • Enhancement
  • Fine-tuning
  • Finesse

And that’s exactly what I hope to bring to my business and my personal life during 2012.

I know exactly how 2012 will look – with refinement.

So that’s my word for the year. Every time I look at a new project or modifying an existing one, I’ll be asking if it meets my refinement goals.

What’s your word for 2012?