Getting Unstuck: 101 Life Changes That Will Put You On The Road To A New You

Why this book?

Are you stuck?

Stuck in a dead-end job you hate?
Stuck in a relationship that no longer works for you?
Stuck in a life that is anything but inspiring?

Welcome to midlife!

Getting Unstuck offers you 101 life changes that will make you think just a little bit differently, open up your mindset to new possibilities.

If you’ve been feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward, Getting Unstuck is the your doorway to finding out what you really want and what it takes to get there.


Sneak Peek:


“No problem can be solved
from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein

Think about where you are for a moment. Because you’ve picked up this book, you’re probably feeling trapped, overwhelmed, wondering how you got to this place you are today. You may have big ideas, yet have no understanding of how to close the distance between where you are and where you want to be. You may have a lot of motivation, yet nothing comes to mind on what to do.

Yep, you’re stuck.

We all get to that place eventually. It’s the place we go when we’ve achieved some of the things we’ve set out for. And once we arrive, we’re not positive we truly want to be there.

It happens to the college graduate who has spent years getting the good grades, studying, writing the papers, taking the tests, and getting her very first job, only to discover she’s not cut out for the work.

It happens to the woman who climbs the corporate ladder, taking promotion after promotion until she’s achieved success in the eyes of others. Only then she realizes she has no desire to continue.

It happens to the woman who has spent years raising kids. Then one day they’re gone – poof – and she’s left wondering what’s next in her world.

It happens to the woman who becomes complacent with her life. She’s done the same things every day so many times, there’s no excitement left in the world. Same job. Same house. Same family. Same life.

Something. Has. To. Change.

And as Einstein suggests, a problem will never be solved if you use the same brain power to look for the answer that it took to create it. Likewise, you can never create a new life if you use your same consciousness that was used to get you where you are today.

Everything. Has. To. Change.

That’s what I’m here for. That’s what this book is here for. There’s nothing earth-shattering written on these pages. Instead, it’s a formula I use every time I hit a wall and start thinking I need something new in my life. (Guess what? I do that all the time.)

Some people despise change. Some people thrive on it. I’m one of those. If I’m not incorporating something new into my life all the time, I grow bored. That’s why I’ve started multiple businesses. That’s why I sold off my “forever” home and got rid of two-thirds of my stuff to slow travel. That’s why I pick up and go someplace new all the time.

It’s also why I have so much to give to you.

Don’t just read the following pages. Live them. Do something. Take action.
Without action, we exist with more of the same. It doesn’t improve you. It doesn’t introduce you to new ideas. It leaves you like your old self.

Put that old self aside.

It’s time to find the new you!

Lori Osterberg