I’m excited to be releasing my third nonfiction book The Successful Woman in Midlife today!

When I first started up Vision Of Success as a guide to helping women answer the question “What’s Next?” I had no idea the direction I would go. I knew I was going through massive changes in my own life, and I wanted to share the journey with others in similar circumstances.

I’ve blogged for years, so naturally I started blogging about it. Slowly, it morphed into what it is today. And I know from talking with a lot of you, that the one thing missing is guidance to making our second lives the best yet! So that’s what my Unstuck Book series is all about.

It’s about approaching midlife with pizzazz. It’s about answering “What’s Next?” in the best way possible for you.

The Successful Woman in Midlife holds a special place in my heart because I wrote it while going through a lot of changes in my own life. I didn’t just write this book; I lived it first. And now I share “secrets” for what helped me, with you.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think. Drop me an email, or better yet, leave a review!

The Successful Woman in Midlife

Author: Lori Osterberg
Genre: Self-help, Reinvention, Midlife

Is your life exactly how you planned it? Or do you wake up in the morning asking: Is this all there is?

Maybe it’s midlife. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s the “birthday” you’ve been dreading for years. Whatever it is, you’ve finally reached a point where you’re sick and tired of doing everything for everyone else. It’s your turn!

Reinvention expert Lori Osterberg shows you how to put success into your midlife by deciding what’s most important, what’s not, and putting together a step by step strategy to make the most out of the rest of your life!