I bet you there is one thing you really, really want in your life. Its been on your to-do list for years.

For me, its speaking Spanish. In fact, I found an old resolution list, and it’s been right up there at the top of the list for over a decade now. It’s:

Learn how to speak Spanish

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve done a lot to attempt to learn Spanish. I have a dictionary on my desk. I’ve invested in several “learn to speak Spanish” audio programs. I’ve downloaded a couple of apps to my phone and tablets.

My daughter has given me her workbooks as she makes her way through her Spanish classes at school. She’s even sat down with me and given me a few lessons.

I’ve always tried to speak it as much as I can when in Mexico, and even on our summer trip to Spain. I’m conscious about my desire to learn it. I try, I really do.

But something continually holds me back. Something always gets in the way.

Can you relate? Of course you can. If you’ve ever had a wish to lose weight, find a new career, exercise more, start a business, or even speak another language like me, and its been eluding you for awhile, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

But here’s the thing. If I really wanted to learn Spanish, I would make the time to do it. I would put it front and center in my life, make the changes necessary to include it in my daily activities, and it would become a part of my life. I would be speaking fluent Spanish as of today if that had ever been the case in the past.

The same applies to you. If you really wanted to lose those extra 20 pounds, write that book you’ve been promising yourself, start that blog that could turn into a new business opportunity, or achieve that other bodacious goal you’ve had on your list for years, you would have done something.

So why haven’t we?

There are 3 reasons why.

Reason #1: You really want to achieve this goal, but there are other things in your life that take precedence.
We all have dreams we would like to achieve … some day. But they are usually based off ideals we learn about in books, on websites, or in the media. We grow attached to these ideas and would really like to apply them to our own lives. But we have other things that take priority, and we prefer the other things to this new dream. For example, you really want to lose 20 pounds. Yet you enjoy your Friday nights out with friends, and you always share a bottle of wine and dessert as you talk for hours. You aren’t willing to give that up, because it has higher priority than your desire to shed those 20 pounds.

Reason #2: You have a limiting belief that is holding you back.
This is the most popular reason people don’t achieve their goals. They want something, but the cards are stacked against them, and it’s holding them back from what they truly desire. It may be a spouse or an ex that doesn’t want to participate, it may be a downturn in the economy, it may be the politics of the country, it may be a mother/father who didn’t provide the right amount of support. In all cases, its some other condition, person, or circumstance that is standing in their way. Whether it’s a subconscious belief or we are readily aware of our weakness, these beliefs always self-sabotage our path to success.

Reason #3: You are working with someone else’s agenda, and you really don’t want to achieve the goal.
Have you ever let someone make a decision for you, and you travel down a path for awhile unhappy and unsuccessful at it, yet you aren’t sure why? It could be that it wasn’t your dream to live out. You simply tagged along because you wanted to be closer to those you love.

Recognize yourself in any of these scenarios?

That’s half of the battle.

Once you do, you can usually see the change that is most applicable to your situation.

If you know you want something but other things have higher precedence, maybe its time to re-evaluate your goals and desires. If you truly want the thing that has been on your list for years, what can you do to make it a top priority?

If you have a limiting belief, now is the time to find a coach to help you work on those issues and stop them from impacting your life once and for all. It can be as simple as turning off the television so you no longer focus on the negativity the media has to say. Or it may involve hiring a therapist or coach to help you work out issues that have been with you for a long time. Learn what needs you have, then find the right person to help you work on those needs to push you further along your path.

If you are working from someone else’s agenda, its time to put your own priorities first. This is where big change can happen. This is where divorces occur, friends are lost, and people often move hundreds of miles from home. Big change! But if it’s the right change for you, this can be the best therapy you’ve ever received in your lifetime. Keep in mind this isn’t about what you’ll lose, it’s about what you’ll gain in the process. It’s about finding your freedom, realizing your goals and aspirations are sitting idly by waiting for you to act.

What’s the best change for you? Be completely honest with yourself, and determine which is holding you back from the life you deserve. What are you going to do about it?

Is it time for your own Vision Transformation? Each week I help women just like you get a little closer to their Big Ideas and see them in a clearer light. Whether you’re ready for a new career, have the dream of moving half way around the world, or just want a little more time to work on your hobby – here’s how I help – use your blueprint to begin taking action immediately. You’re going to love what it does to your lifestyle!