[I have a question for you.]

[Is there too much information in your life?]

Just when you learn one thing, a dozen more pop up. And if you have kids, they come home with something new every day – in addition to the dozen things you’ve been presented with throughout the day.

When will it end? 55108

Information, like it or not, is here to stay. If you have a question about homework, you can Google it. If you have a problem, you can Ask about it. If you need a definition, you can head to Wikipedia.

While we will never have a lack of information available to us, the one thing we now need is a way to learn the most important things, and put the rest out of our minds.

Texting has huge penetration at the moment. If you look at any teenager, chances are they are going back and forth between talking with friends, and texting another group. Can they really be engaged in several things at once?

Yes they can. They’ve grown up with technology, and use it like we use calculators and phones. They multitask in a big way – and its preparing them for the world they will live in.

Blogging and microblogging formats (like Twitter) require a user to think about communication skills in a variety of ways, and share it with the people around them. It’s no longer about sharing with one friend at a time – it’s about keeping your entire network up to date.

Texting is teaching our kids:

1. Communication skills
2. Technology skills
3. Sharing skills
4. Networking skills

Now, do they really use it the right way all the time? Of course not. But they are learning.

The important part of starting out in a fun, simple way is to put the skills to use. Refinement comes over the years, and as you move into more complex situations.

What are you learning?

[Bye for now]