There’s an art to doing life the right way.

It doesn’t involve making more money, working longer hours, running to more places, accumulating more things.

It does involve knowing who you are, deliberately choosing your moments every day, surrounding yourself with only things that give you pleasure, AND taking the time to enjoy each and every moment of it.

Somehow in this crazy, hari-kari world, we’ve lost track of how to do it right.

  • We put things in front of people.
  • We put work in front of pleasure.
  • We put doing more in front of doing less.
  • We put busy in front of choosing.

And by doing all of that, we put accumulations in front of relationships.

Some people just know how to do life. There’s an art to it, one that you can get if you try.

Do one thing at a time

I’ve never met a multitasker yet that enjoys what she does. She’s never happy with what is here, instead always worried about what’s next. The more you slow down, the more you put focus on what you’re doing right now, the more you’ll appreciate everything you do. And you’ll find a way to only do what matters most.

Enjoy what you do

By doing one thing at a time, you start asking “this or that”? You put aside the things that aren’t important, don’t motivate you and have zero meaning in your life. You only do the things you enjoy and bring pleasure into your day.

Question your actions every day

Is this the best there is? Am I doing the best things I can? Am I treating people the way I want to be treated? Am I enjoying every moment of the day? When was the last time you asked yourself questions like this? What were your answers? When you settle in on the big picture of what you choose to have your life look like, the questions help you make deliberate choices about your day.

Take action every day

I’ve had many mentors over my 50 year journey, and all of them have given the same advice in one way or another. Take action every day. Improve yourself 1 percent every day. Do something towards your goal every day. Happiness comes when you begin seeing results. You’ll only see results if you do something. So do it every day.

Do something for you

I start my day with me. I meditate. I write. I walk. I get in tune with who I am and what I want from my day ahead. You don’t have to do big things to enjoy “you”. Simple moments often bring the biggest pleasure if you let them.

Read and explore

I have books and magazines all over my house – reading is the one thing I must do every day. But I don’t read one book every day – I currently have around twenty in various stages. I have a travel book to motivate my planning. I have a business book to give me new ideas. I have a cookbook to help me plan a new meal. I have a romance book to read a chapter before I go to bed. All of it allows me to explore different moments of who I am. It educates me and gives me a new perspective on who I choose to be.


Do you know how sensual cooking really is? I’m not talking about throwing a hunk of meat on the grill, or a prepared dinner in the microwave for heating through. I’m talking about planning a full course meal from selecting natural ingredients, spending the time chopping, dicing and slicing to get the perfect mix together, and simmering it all together over time. I’m talking about opening a bottle of wine to relax while you spend quality time together in the kitchen with the ones you love. I’m talking about turning on inspiring music to play in the background while your meal comes to life in front of you. I’m talking about digging out fancy dishes, lighting candles, relaxing and enjoying the time.

Do something wild and crazy

Wild and crazy opens up your senses; it makes you feel alive. It may be zip lining across a forest, or signing up for a painting class on Friday night. It might be driving to the coast for dinner on the beach, or flying to Paris for a romantic getaway.

Celebrate your love

This weekend I told my husband I can’t get enough of him … because it’s true. After twenty-eight years of marriage, he still is my one and only. We’re not unique; we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve fought more than our fair share; I’ve walked out more than once. But the simpler we make life, the clearer we see what matters most. I no longer take things for granted; I celebrate the little things each day. Yes, it has to be give and take. But a “you look gorgeous” is sure a lot better than “you forgot to take out the trash”. Celebrate what you have instead of what you’re missing, and change really can become a permanent part of your life.