Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed big. She went to school and got good grades, and made her parents proud. She attended a great college and got a degree. She found a great job filled with benefits and pay once-upon-a-timeraises. She found the man of her dreams, and together they bought a house in the suburbs, had a couple of kids, and settled down to live happily ever after.

That’s the dream they sold her on and she truly believed in it. But somewhere along the way, a roadblock fell onto the path and she hit it hard.

  • The degree didn’t help her get the job of her dreams. In fact, all she got was years of debt.
  • The job wasn’t as “great” as she thought it would be. It didn’t inspire her in any way.
  • The benefits shrunk to nothing right before her eyes.
  • The man disappeared from her dreams when he left town with his assistant.
  • The house in the suburbs is currently worth less than the amount of the loan.
  • Retirement? Who can retire on what’s in that account.

The little girl WANTED MORE!

So she set off to find a new path…

Where do YOU want to be?

Does that sound familiar to you?

Have you always known that your life doesn’t mirror the classic “American Dream”, and no matter how hard you try, it never will? Did you dig in deep, trying to do everything the “right” way, only to discover that once you were there, you were anything but happy? The more you “do what you’re supposed to do”, the things everyone expects you to do, you discover you are anything but happy?

Have you questioned if you’re having a Midlife Crisis?!

The only thing you discovered along life’s path is that you’re starting to dream of more. You’ve done everything to find a way to get off the main highway and blaze your own trail. You’ve looked for the road less traveled, and dreamed about a day when you could do things your way. If that sounds like you:

You are my kinda person!

I discovered long ago that my way of living doesn’t quite fit in with what the norm tells us to do. And no matter how hard I tried, I just never quite fit in. (And after I truly started accepting it, I stopped trying … and its made all the difference.)

I bet right now, you’re yearning for two things:

1. Freedom
2. The ability to make a difference in this world

How do I know this? I talk to women every single day who are trying desperately to break out of the traditional path, find a career that allows them a chance to do something they love to do and will make a difference in someone else’s life, and gives them the freedom to do the things they truly need to do.

Like take care of the kids and be there for the soccer games and the field trips and for the moments when you just want to sit there and cuddle and do nothing.

Or take care of your mom when she’s facing a health crisis and she simply can’t think for herself anymore, and all she wants is for you to be there and help her manage the situation as best as you can.

Or take off for a fun-filled weekend with your husband because its been a lifetime since you’ve had an opportunity to get away without the kids, and this “free” trip from his company is the perfect way to reconnect as a couple.

Or you know, live a life that’s worth living!

This is what I call creating a lifestyle on your own terms.

Where are YOU now?

I’m willing to bet you’ve thought about all this and more a time or two (or three or four) yourself, right?

And more importantly, I bet you’ve also had a few thoughts on HOW you could break free of the typical “American Dream” lifestyle as well. In fact, I bet you have a BIG IDEA way deep down inside that you’ve always wanted in your life. I know because I’m a lot like you.

I hit midlife and things suddenly changed. I looked at the world through a different set of glasses. Suddenly, I wanted success … but in a different way. I wanted a vibrant lifestyle that allowed me to do exactly what I wanted to do. A business? You bet. I’d seen it work before, and I had some pretty amazing ideas on how to build up a new way to bring income in my life. Even my relationships changed. I had to let certain people go to bring in the people I truly needed in this next phase of my life.

Everything changed. And I bet it’s changing for you too. That’s why I started this site. That’s why I’ve developed guides to help you along your journey.

Ladies, How Will You Reinvent Your Life And Get Rid Of “Boring” Forever?

I’ll take you on a journey to create your own Reinvention Manifesto, where you’ll discover:

  • Why now is the Best Time for creating your own personal Reinvention Manifesto and putting it into action to create a vibrant Second Act!
  • Why your Perfect Life is waiting for you … if you just take the time to Find It! You’ll need these tools with you.
  • How your obligations and commitments are all self-imposed and what you can do to change them!
  • What you really need to have a dynamic Second Act … I’ll show you how!

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Where are YOU now?

So what’s your dream?

How is the typical “American Dream” lifestyle doing you a disservice? Where are you with your big idea

How do you want to move forward today, and be a different person for the rest of your life?

Have you always wanted to start up a business? Or write a book and see your name on the cover? Maybe you want more free time to do the things you choose to do. Maybe you want stronger relationships with those that mean the most. What’s your BIG IDEA? That’s what this site is all about.

You know its possible. Because you see others doing it all the time.

And that gets frustrating, right? To see others out there building a lifestyle that allows them to do what they want, when they want, and have true passion about how they live every day of their lives.

It’s not really about finding your passion. It’s more about being passionate about the life you are living. Enjoying the moments of each new day. And being able to enjoy the things that truly matter to who you are.

That’s probably how you came up with this big idea in the first place. Somewhere along the way, something stepped out from the shadows and made you say:

“Hmmm. … I wonder if I could do this on my own.”

And frankly, I’m willing to bet you can.

Because I meet women every day that have risked everything to follow their dream. Right in the heart of midlife.

And in my opinion, nothing is better than seeing a Big Idea come to life, and being able to share what you know, what you love, and who you are with someone else.

I’ve reinvented myself many times; you can read my story here. And now, I’m helping others achieve it too.

What steps can YOU take to get there?

I’m glad you made it here. I’m glad you’re ready and willing to put in the work to make your midlife even better.

I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life. When my father died at fifty-four from stress he’d let build up from a JOB, I made the choice to live life differently, and I’ve never looked back. Maybe that’s why I love change. Or why reinvention isn’t something scary; for me, it’s a way of life.

But let me share a few things with you right now to help you look at things in a different way.

  • We’re living in a 24 hour day where we’re “on” all the time. It’s no longer about 9 to 5, it’s about results. And “results” are expected all the time!
  • Over 40 percent of the American workforce will leave paid vacation days unused. It’s not often by choice; it’s a necessity. If you are afraid your job won’t be there when you return, and you can’t keep up with the demands if you leave, you have no choice but to keep working. And working and working…
  • By 2020, more than 40 percent of the US workforce will by contingent workers – contractors, temps and the self-employed. That’s more than 60 million people!

For me, this is telling me that we’re living in a world where companies expect us to be “on” 24/7, available at any time to meet the demands of clients and management. And it even pushes us into believing we can’t use vacation time to “get away” from it all and relax and unwind. If we do, we’ll have even more stress when we return, if we survive the stress we have from getting ready for and actually taking the vacation itself. And through all of this, we have no security for our futures. Employers want the right person for the job; and if that means using contractors or temporary help instead of bringing people on board – and giving them the security of a regular paycheck – and they aren’t afraid to transform their workforces in order to achieve the results they are looking for.

Which of course puts you at risk. Especially when you hate your job in the first place!mentor that understands the stress of being a mom

I think midlife should be about finding yourself. About putting yourself in the best position possible to thoroughly enjoy the rest of your life. So here I am, helping you with my advice. I offer weekly advice on how to reinvent life to be Vibrant, Successful, Sexy, and Alive!

That’s where your Big Idea comes into play.

For you, it might not be a job at all. Maybe you are looking at changing your relationships, moving to another city, or starting up a hobby. Maybe you’re looking for a way to bring excitement back into your life.

I remember when I started my first business, I was scared to death. All of my family and friends had jobs, so I had no one to look to as a mentor. I looked outward into my community. But at the time, the great majority of them were men. Not a huge problem, and I gladly made friends with a lot of them, some of which I’m still very close with today.

But lets face it, when they tell you to spend 24 hours in the planning room to get a project out in record time, they just don’t understand the look you give them that says, “Are you crazy? I have to pick up the kids and get them to the dentist, then drop one at soccer while the other is at piano, which hopefully will leave me enough time to stop by the bank and pick up the dry cleaning, and order dinner to be delivered by the time I get home, so that I can make the parent meeting at school by 7, and hopefully be home by 9 to finish that report I’ve been working on, make cupcakes for the bake sale tomorrow, and hopefully have time for a quick bubble bath by 11 IF I’M TRULY LUCKY!” Right?

Yes, women are built different. We’re the multitaskers. The glue that keeps the family together. The inspiration that everyone turns to whenever something is needed.

I didn’t have the luxury of having a lot of women to look up to as mentors as I moved from my twenties to my thirties, forties, and now fifties. So when I built my first business to a mid six figure range, I knew coaching and mentoring was a part of my future. As a woman, I have absorbed so much information over the years. I truly am a lucky person to have achieved everything I have up until this point.

You see, finding your Big Idea, and turning it into something more isn’t difficult to do … IF you have a plan to follow. And I’m here to tell you, moving from your Big Idea to a lifestyle that gives you freedom to do what you want to do, right now, and for the rest of your life.

Are YOU In The Right Place?

This blog isn’t for everyone. It’s not for those who like living in the old, traditional ways. If a J.O.B. and The American Dream is your definition of security, you won’t find any help here. Here’s a few of my favorite blog posts to give you an idea of who I am:

How can I help YOU?

By now, you can tell I like to write. In fact, I LOVE to write! I didn’t know it when I went through school, got a degree, and started my first career. In fact, my biggest corporate job had me writing reports all the time. And every single report I turned in, my boss scratched through paragraph after paragraph, having me fix my writing again and again. I hated it.

But that’s because I didn’t love what I was doing. I hated writing those reports. Because they were all corporate-y and filled with policy, big words and acronyms, and boring as hell!

But once I found my true voice, I simply can’t stop writing!

Which is why I set out to create a place for women that are stuck in jobs they don’t like, lives that don’t inspire them, yet know the Big Idea deep inside is something special … they know it can transform lives if they simply have the guidance to put the Big Idea into place.

I help women that:

  • Aren’t quite sure what their Big Idea is. They know they are currently unfulfilled in their current positions and want something more; they just haven’t put the pieces of the puzzle together yet.
  • Need a little inspiration for living a better life. If you’re asking how you got right smack dab in the middle of midlife, join me as I write and ponder about all the things we’re facing as 40 and 50 somethings.
  • Want to kick back with a great story. I’ve been writing over a million words a year for the past two years. If you want a positive story about women doing great things in the heart of midlife, you’re going to love my books. (And there’s a little romance too. Why do people always think we lose our desire for romance … no way!)

I keep things simple.

I provide quick tips to make you think. After all, I know some of my best ideas have come from quick tips I’ve read and carried with me while sitting in carpool line or watching my daughter play soccer.

And when you’re ready to take action, I’m there for you too. I’m growing my library of nonfiction books to help you get unstuck.

Above all, I’m here to help you in any way I can. I’ll be there to push you when you need pushing, and hopefully inspire you when you need a little nudge. Have any questions/comments/pieces of advice? I’d love to hear from you. Because that’s what we do … we stick together, and we provide support when and where we can.

I’m looking forward to building that relationship with you, right here on VisionOfSuccess.