Two things hold people back from moving forward with their idea.

1. They simply have too many ideas.

2. They don’t take action.

Sounds easy enough. But what does that really mean?

Chances are if you are reading this blog, its because you’ve had an idea and you would love to turn it into something more. So you don’t fall into the “too many ideas” category, right? Think again.

Even when you have one great idea in mind, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the little ideas that hold you back. Let me give you an example.

Laura came up with an idea to develop a coaching practice around helping multigenerational families live in harmony. She had a lot of trouble when her 70 year old mom moved in with her family, including husband and three kids who at the time were 11, 7 and 3. During the first two years, she did a tremendous amount of research. She learned so many tips and resources, she knew other people would find them useful as well.

So she dreamed about starting up her own business. It would give her flexibility to be at home when her kids and mom needed here. And it would allow her to reach and grow in a direction she truly was passionate about.

But the dream sat there. Because other ideas always came up and got in the way.

“I’m trying for a promotion at work. I’ll earn more money to tuck away to start my business.” And she spent a lot of extra time learning a new position rather than focusing in on her passion.

“I’m going to take over the programs position on the PTA next year. They could really use a planner to get more parents involved.” And she spent over 40 hours each month meeting and planning for her new position during the next school year.

Yep, ideas are a dime a dozen. And while some will have a lot to do with your core idea, many will simply be the little extra ideas that detract you from your ultimate goal – your ultimate purpose.

These can occur because nerves get in the way. Fear sets in. People convince you they need you.

Your BIG idea will never happen unless you do one thing:

Live with a bias towards action.

When you decide your BIG idea is the most important thing to you, nothing will get in the way. Yet even saying that, it’s easy to get sucked into other things.

When the friends on the PTA board call you, saying they simply can’t do it without you, how do you say no? You love your friends. You love your kids and want to stay active in their school.

Which is where action comes into play.

In order to take action on your BIG idea, you need two things. A roadmap and accountability.

If you’ve always thought about your BIG idea in a broad way, its time to hone in on what you can do to take you a step closer to your goal.

In Laura’s case, she had always thought about a coaching practice, but she never put down in writing what that coaching practice would look like. Who would her clients be? What would she teach? How would she reach clients? What packages and services would she have?

So in order to start the process, her first task was to create a roadmap of her business.

But even with that task in mind, she still found ways to not complete it.

Which is where accountability comes into play. By having a coach of her own to keep her on track, she knew she had to complete the task – or have her coach question her commitment level.

She turned down the next job her PTA friends threw her way, knowing that was 40 hours per month she could dedicate to her BIG idea. She didn’t have to feel guilty about saying no; she could simply “blame” it on her coach. She didn’t take on additional projects to fill those 40 hours; she scheduled them to exclusively use to build on her BIG idea.

And within a short amount of time, she had her first client. And her second, and third.

The key to making your own BIG idea into everything you can imagine isn’t difficult. It’s simply focusing in on your one main idea and taking the right amount of action to make it all possible.

What’s your BIG idea?