Stop Listening To The Wrong Voices

I didn’t expect much. Still, I had to get it over with.

So the phone call came in, I picked up the phone.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m selling my house. I’m moving someplace new for a year. We’ll see what we do from there.”

“Are you crazy?”


“You’re almost fifty.”


“Now isn’t the time to do something ridiculous like this. Now is the time to prepare for old age. Sit back. Fix your house and wait. You never know when you’ll wind up in the hospital, or your health will take a turn for the worse.”

“But I’m not even fifty yet.”

“You’re close.”

“I’m healthy. Nothing is wrong with me.”

“All the more reason to buckle down and wait for the bad to set in.”


I ended the conversation shortly after that. I would never see eye to eye with her. Never have. Never will.

At one point in time I took her advice, listened to what she had to say. Now I barely heard her words. Sure, I responded. For a moment. Then I let it go.

It took a very long time for me to reach the point where I could do that. It’s difficult to be able to talk with a close relative in that manner, hear what she has to say without responding to and accepting her advice.

But I got there. And life couldn’t be better.

Because what took me years to discover is that there is only one voice that matters in your life.


Sounds easy, right?

But when was the last time you took someone else’s advice instead of your own?

Did you listen to your parent’s advice on what major to select in college?

Did you listen to a friend’s advice on a club to join or an activity to take up?

Did you listen to your spouse’s voice when he insisted you need a new car?

Did you listen to your boss’s voice when he told you to try for that promotion?

How’d that turn out for you?

That’s how we choose careers we hate, surround ourselves with people we feel little connection to, we wind up more in debt then we care to be, and advance up the corporate ladder into positions that suck even more of our energy away.

Listening to your own voice takes courage. Sometimes it takes more strength then you think you have.

Because you have to say “no” on the inside no matter what someone else is telling you to do. And you have to follow up with “no” on the outside and do things your way, not theirs.

That’s what allowed me to say “no” and move to the beat of my own drum. That’s what has allowed me to start businesses, sell my home, travel, and make my home in another part of the world. It’s what will continue to allow me do what I love, move where I want to go, follow my own dreams.3D Visioneering You

It’s hard saying no. It’s difficult ignoring advice.

But the rewards can be stupendous.

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