So you’re looking for something for your kids to do this summer. What can you do to keep them busy and entertained?

How about blogging? 

Blogging is easy to do, easy to create, and provides a wealth of knowledge to a budding writer or businessperson. (And yes, it’s what my daughter will be doing this summer – she’s actually excited about it.) family-around-computer

1. Make it exciting. Don’t set too many boundaries for your child’s blogging project. Let her choose something of interest to her, and help her refine what the focus will be. The only limits should be Internet safety, depending on the age of the child. Things to keep in mind are not revealing your real photos, real name, or detailed information about your life.

2. Make it entertaining. Who would want to read your blog? Write to entertain your readers, provide them with something of value, and give them a reason to come back and visit again and again.

3. Make it rewarding. How about earning a few extra bucks while blogging? The easiest way is to affiliate with Amazon, and let your child link back to books, magazines and other products of interest. It takes just a few minutes to create an account, and you’re child will learn valuable skills in the process.

4. Make if fun. Don’t feel like blogging to day? Don’t sweat it. This shouldn’t be a chore. If your child is having fun with it, have her create a few extra posts. You can always post-date them, and have information ready for days when you prefer to lie by the pool.

5. Make it educational. Learn a few new skills along the way. Maybe it’s how to create a graphic design. Or maybe it’s a little about computer security. There are many ways to have fun and learn about this exciting new endeavor.

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