Surrendering To A Friendlier Lifestyle

We all interpret the world in our own unique way.

Some of us approach each day with rose-colored glasses.

Some of us look at the cup as half full.

Some of us consistently say “my way or the highway.”

One isn’t right; one isn’t wrong.

But maybe Einstein had it right when he said:

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

This doesn’t speak about our environment, but instead about our perceptions and attitudes.

Because how you get from point A to point B is solely determined by your core beliefs.

If the world is hostile, you’ll have to buckle down and get your big guns ready for all the threats and hazards that will meet you around every corner. You attempt to control every situation as best as you can.

If the world is friendly, you’ll find collaboration meeting you head on with every smile you give and hello you say. You’ll trust that others around you can easily do their fair share, and will rely on them to provide guidance along the way.

One is about control. The other is about release.

The difference can be a world of opportunity.

I know. I’ve been a recovering control freak for a very long time.

Taking control will always get you one of three things.

1. Fear

We’re afraid of an unknown outcome, so its better if we let our minds control it before it happens. Ever worried about the weekend weather because of your plans? How did that work out for you?

2. Limited Perspective

If you clearly define the outcome before you begin, you miss all the wonderful things that can happen along the journey.

3. Exhaustion

Your mind wanders. You plan for every possibility. You consider all options. Your mind is continually busy as you move from outcome to outcome. Until eventually you have trouble enjoying the process because you’re too tired upon arrival.

The irony is this control freak behavior attempts to control things way behind your control, leaving you feeling even less in control than before.

Yep, having to take control can really deflate the energy you have and could use in some other way.

Instead of being in constant control, why not surrender instead?

Releasing control doesn’t mean being out of control. It simply means you release the parts that are beyond your control. And when that happens, magic begins.

Stop fighting yourself. Stop fighting the universe. Look to the universe as your friend, a natural flow of everything that should be.3D Visioneering You

If you stop resisting reality, it will simply come to be.

It happens. You deal. And you have more energy, more patience, more enjoyment to put towards the things that matter most.

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