Oh, the world used to be such an egomaniac, top of the heap kind of world.

If you wanted to be an author, you wrote up your manuscript, then spent an equal amount of time writing to agents in the top publishing houses around the world. You tried and tried again to get your writing in front of the one person that would see something in you, and take you on as a new and rising star. You might try and find an agent to represent you; someone who had an “in” with a publishing house, hoping to beat the odds and get your manuscript on the desk of someone who could truly make a difference.

And the world didn’t stop there.

If you were an artist, the only way to make it into the top galleries was to find representation first. You had to know someone who knew someone in order to get into the right place at the right time.

Music? Yep, the music industry was no different. A musician would spend their last dime cutting a record. Then they would jump in their cars and tour from city to city, hoping for an agent to recognize their talent and bring them into the world of the top record labels. It was the only way to get airtime, play time, and ultimately get the big record deals that made you rich and famous.

In all cases, that was the world of the high and mighty. That was the day when you reaped all the benefits when you struggled and inched your way up in business to gain access to the executive office. Once you got there, you made the rules. You had the controls. You were the king of the mountain. This was a top down society, and when you got to the top, you made the rules and you reaped the benefits. All the people at the bottom knew it and would do anything to attract the attention of those at the top, waiting for the opportunity for them to climb the next rung of the ladder as well.

It also meant that as consumers, we were at the mercy of the top executives. We relied on their judgment. We relied on their opinions to choose and put in front of us what they hoped we would like. And of course we didn’t know the difference, so we were ignorant in the ways of each business industry.

Alas, the world changed 25 years ago. And in just a couple of decades, literally in just one generation, the way we live our lives has moved from a top down to a bottom up world.


Switching Tactics – Changing From A Top Down To A Bottom Up World

Lets say you’re a wanna-be writer. I noticed a question in a publication over the weekend from someone who wanted to quit his day job and become a fiction writer. His question was whether there was still opportunity in the fiction marketplace and whether he could actually make a good living writing fiction. (I didn’t agree with the columnist who said it was a risky move.)

Instead, my answer would have been a resounding YES! There is no better time to give your passion for writing a try. And while I wouldn’t’ quit your day job until you have some successes behind you, opportunity right now is everywhere. Innovation is everywhere, and because even the littlest guy has the same opportunity as the big guy – the same tools and the same resources – you don’t have to wait to be discovered or to gain the attention sitting in the big office in the big office complex in the penthouse suite. You can do it yourself sitting from the kitchen table in your own home. Just ask authors like Amanda Hocking.

And of course success like that isn’t limited to writing. Have a voice that’s never been recognized? Why not give The Voice a try? (Or one of the many other talent shows dedicated to singing, like American Idol, X Factor, even America’s Got Talent.) Just ask Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, or Jennifer Hudson if they needed a top executive in a fancy office to make their dreams come true.

Okay, you might be saying they had their moments by being good enough to get auditions on the show that ultimately made them famous. But you can start out even simpler than that. In fact, you don’t even need a talent show at all – why not go straight to YouTube and set your own path ablaze. Charice did that brilliantly back in the late 1990’s, and has made a pretty good name for herself over the years.

This isn’t limited to one industry. Thanks to the Internet, you can find this top down/ bottom up kind of transformation happening everywhere.

You don’t need to rely on big bucks, big executives, or big breaks to find a path suitable for what you have to offer the world. What you do need is:

A dream. A goal. And enough drive in you to take action and turn it all into a reality.

For every possible industry you may be thinking of going into, there is a way to get your voice out there. Write a book and put it on Kindle – its easy to do; I’ve done it over a half dozen times. Do a presentation, sing a song, create a speech, or anything else you have in mind and put it on YouTube. It’s the easiest way to show people what you’ve got. And I guarantee you’ll improve over time if you keep doing it.

You provide what you are good at.

People recognize it and reward you by following and buying from you.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

It really is that easy. Are you up for the challenge?