If you talk to a parent, teacher – well, really anyone over 35 – the first thing they will tell you about is the disconnect when it comes to technology.

A child today is born with technology in their hand. Yes, they can program your “VCR”. And so much more. They use your smart phone at a few months old to play games and watch videos. They don’t just get it, they live it.

Yet we assume they don’t know anything when it comes to education.

Fallon came home from school today and talked about how boring her day was.

In one of her classes, they were assigned a video project. And as a part of that, they spent that hour of the day learning from a tech teacher how to use a video camera, how to use their Apple computers to put together a video, etc.

And she said most of the class sat there zoned out, yawning bored to death.

Is that really necessary? Sure there may be a kid or two with questions. But the majority of kids have put together pretty dynamic videos already, and know exactly how to edit, process, and market them all over the net. (Think Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber) Wouldn’t that hour be better spent doing something else?