Every single industry out there right now is going through massive change.

The publishing industry.

The photography industry.

The health industry.

The music industry.

And while millions of people will be forced to shut their doors and move into a new career/job because they simply don’t understand business any more, millions more will find their greatest success ever.

The key isn’t in building up a business that follows how we used to do things; the key is in taking an old idea and finding a new way to move forward.

Having trouble moving forward with your own idea? Maybe it isn’t in the way you are approaching your business; maybe its in the way you are asking your questions.

Unfortunately we always look for ways to “make” people do what we want them to do.

“I sent a letter offering my services, why didn’t she call and answer me?”

“I left a phone message and he never returned my call.”

We all try things, yet wonder what went wrong when they don’t work out as we anticipated them. But what we forget is we’re all human.

If you send a letter and expect an answer, you’re most likely going to be disappointed. Because we can’t connect with someone based on one letter. Sure, in rare cases things work the first time around. More often than not, it takes multiple times just to connect.

People have their own agendas. They have things on their plates and their own things to worry about. Your ideas may flash in front of their minds … for a few seconds … and “boof” they’re off to thinking about things that matter to them.

They may read what you have to say. But they may not understand what your intentions are. If you don’t ask in the right way, they “see” things differently. They understand things according to their own game plans.

It’s not bad. It’s not negative. It’s simply the way it is. And that’s okay.

The person that will find true success knows that “no” doesn’t mean no. You have to ask in a different way. You have to ask a different person. Or a different questions altogether.

If you’ve had a “no” this week, what can you do to turn it into a yes? Start thinking differently and see where things lead.