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The Art of Better Writing

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The world is changing. But I don’t have to tell you that. We’ve been through a lot this year. And on top of everything else, navigating this career terrain isn’t getting any easier. We’re Gen Xers. We’re smack-dab, right in the middle of midlife. And while whining about a soul-sucking job was something we were used to, at least it paid the bills. Now, industries are disappearing, people (especially women) are aging right out their current careers. What now?

Glad you asked. That’s what this course is all about.

Discover why WRITING is one of the fastest growing industries nobody is talking about.

Not everybody can write. Learn what separates freelancers from writers and authors, and how you can turn WRITING into a vocation you’re passionate about for years to come!

Did you know your WRITING can lead you in many different directions? I’ll share the secrets of 10 of them, and help you build a strategic plan to start implementing today!

Writing takes time. We’ll discuss overcoming writers block, tools of the trade, content applications that help you get noticed, and even a few business strategies … for when you discover the real you you’ve hidden away for too long. 😉

I’ll help you start dreaming again. It’s been a difficult few months. And right here, this is how I’m helping. You have something deep inside, a story that’s still untold. Become a Better Writer and discover all the ways you can use your voice … right now!

Hi, Lori Osterberg here.

It hit me when I was talking with a friend. She said, “I wish I could write like you. You write in so many ways, and make it look so easy. You’re selling books and products. You don’t have to worry about jobs and what’s going to happen when we move forward. You’re going to do well in this new world. I wish I had that. I’m scared of what my future holds.”

I comforted my friend, which is what she (and so many others) needs right now. I get it; these are scary times.

But I have to agree with her. Writing IS a career that’s always been here. And it will be for a long time to come.

I didn’t start out wanting to be a writer. Honestly, I never even considered it.

I worked in banking. Moved to accounting. And auditing.

But it didn’t take me long to realize my dream didn’t involve working in a corporate environment. I was meant to pave my own path. So I started up a photography business with my husband. (I know. Complete right brain/left brain thing going on there, right?)

We decided to specialize in wedding photography, and built a website to market to people around the world. This was back in the mid 1990s – we were one of the first to do it. The dot commers found us and hired us to photograph some of the most spectacular weddings around the country. When people asked – “How’d you do that?” – I answered by writing a book on it. Studio Without Walls was born.

So was my desire to become a writer.

I worked with a traditional publisher to write Studio Without Walls. That led me to:

  • Self publish a color coffee table book I created with a publishing house in Singapore.
  • Start up a blog to write about the business of photography
  • Become a columnist on small business marketing with the Denver Business Journal
  • Self publish over a dozen ebooks on Amazon teaching the business of photography
  • Begin copywriting for other business owners in creative industries
  • Ghostwrite and ghostblog for dozens of small businesses
  • Write seven romance novels
  • Write multiple books and inforproducts on women reinventing their lives after 40
  • Create thousands of articles for my own personal blogs
  • Author articles on dozens of sites and magazines, both online and print

For over a decade, I’ve made my money exclusively from my writing. I love what I do. I love writing.

Then 2020 happened.

I’m a part of a coaching program, with Facebook groups and live trainings every single week. As I was sitting listening to a class, my coach spoke about creating a business that was future-proof.

Lights went on, bells started dinging … I knew at that moment I had a job to do.

I went back to that conversation I’d had recently with a friend.

“I wish I could write like you. You write in so many ways, and make it look so easy. You’re selling books and products. You don’t have to worry about jobs and what’s going to happen when we move forward. I want your job!”

This is a job that’s easy to jump into. More importantly, the writing industry is booming! Just look at all the different writer classes you find online. I know. I’ve taken a lot of them myself.

But here’s the thing. A lot of people jump into writing without thinking about the long term. They don’t think how it will fit into their lives. They don’t think beyond “one epic book” or getting a writing gig with “just one client”. They focus narrowly on one specific thing without looking at the big picture.

They don’t consider how important it is to hone in on their craft. They don’t contemplate possibilities. They never consider how writing could be more … how writing may just be all they need from this point forward.

I’m going to change that right now.

Who you are:

  • You’re someone who loves to write
  • You see yourself writing more in your future, but you don’t know how it fits into your life
  • You’re considering new careers and the thought of being a writer is exhilarating
  • You’re ready to learn all you can about writing for the new world – it’s a virtual world, baby!
  • You’re eager to learn a new craft and make changes to your writing style
  • You’re open to possibilities and want to find a new direction for your writing
  • You want to see how writing is growing as a business opportunity … and how you can make money from it too
  • You’re ready to write – because I’m going to give you prompts and have you writing from day one. That’s the only way to grow!

We’re going to cover:

  • How to find your own authentic voice. Personality is everything with today’s writing.
  • Build a daily habit of writing to get better at your craft.
  • Discover the most important tools for today’s writer. Hint – it’s all about being findable and likeable in the new online world.
  • What it means to be social and a connector with your writing style.
  • 10 opportunities for bringing in income as a writer. (These are tips and tricks you can use immediately!)
  • How to set goals, achieve success, and develop a plan that can have you writing, adding value, and making money with your new skill-set today!

What you’ll receive:

  • 6 core course videos where we work together to hone your craft and teach you to be a better writer. This are fully accessible seconds after you sign up, and they’ll be there for you to refer back to as needed.
  • 2 bonus course videos where I set up three potential business models from the ground up, showing you exactly how easy it is. You can take just one and get started today. Or use all three as I have, and build a business with multiple streams of income, one that keeps giving. And giving. And giving …
  • Writing prompts along the way. You can’t get better at the craft of writing if you aren’t writing! So I’ll give you a variety of tasks and homework for you to complete.
  • Resources and tools that should be a part of every writers toolbox. I’ve spent a decade perfecting the process, and I’m going to share it all with you.
  • Real advice from a writer who has made her living writing in multiple niches. Whether you want to write for clients, author a novel, write for magazines, or simply write more intuitively for your favorite blog, I’ve been there … and have advice for you.

And don’t forget the extras …

  • I want this to be a unique experience for those who join. I want you to succeed, no matter what you choose to do with your writing. That’s why you’ll have access to our private Facebook group where you can continue our conversations long after the course is done.
  • You’ll also receive a few extra surprises from me! I love getting unexpected surprises. You too? That’s why I’ll be sending out a toolkit to help motivate you along.
  • You’ll get a rare look behind the scenes of what it means to be a writer in today’s “new world”. If you’re looking for skills you can carry forward when we all go back to “life”, this may be your perfect opportunity to see it in a bright, new way.
  • And don’t forget, you’ll be working with me – I’ll be your coach, your guide, your Q&A expert. If you have a question, you’ll get the answer. And develop a plan that will impact your lifestyle long after the last class is through.

Is this for me?

I hear you, thinking: Is this for me? Let me answer a few questions you may have to find out.

I love writing, but can I really make a full time income from it?
Yep. I’ve been writing for over a decade. It’s my only source of income. And I LOVE what I do!

I’ve never thought about starting a business before. Why now?
Why not? If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that everything can disappear on a dime. I’m a full believer in multiple streams of income. What if you could start this as a way to share your passion with the world instead of thinking of it as your full time income? What if it’s your side hustle for a while? Maybe you’ll use it in retirement. Maybe it will replace your career. Isn’t it nice you might have choices if you go down a new path?

Why should I worry about finding my voice?
Because it makes you that much more successful at writing! There’s a difference between someone who throws a few words down on paper, and someone who takes the time to share stories from deep down inside. That’s the difference between an average writer, and someone who steps up to be a writer or an author.

Have any further questions? Just ask!

The Art of Better Writing



What women are saying …

“What an amazing amount of material. Thanks for being an excellent instructor. I never knew a lot of this information existed before now, and I’ll be having fun designing and growing my blog in the coming months thanks to what I learned from you. Do you have a step by step class too, I would love to get hands on help as I’m a visual learner.” ~Kathy
“Thanks, Lori. I’m so glad I’ve taken both classes; they were great and have filled me with anticipation and excitement to get started with both my new businesses. My partner and I have worked solid for a week now on our new ideas, and none of that would have been accomplished so quickly without your help.” ~Laurel
“This was an amazing amount of material, great presentation, almost to the point of being overwhelming. I came to simply learn more about blogging and I’m walking away with a lot of ideas on how I can take my idea to a whole different level. Thanks Lori.” ~Nancy
“Thank you, Lori! We are both very appreciative of your time, input and encouragement. I never expected such wonderfully detailed and thought-provoking information and response.” ~Tami
One Last Thought …

Choose The Art of Better Writing when you’re ready for a different path in life. When you’re tired of worrying about what your boss thinks, you’re bored with your daily tasks, or even concerned over whether your job will be there tomorrow, let this be your guide to finding a different road. The road to freedom. Free to do what and when you choose. Free to do things your way. And never worry about if your job will be there tomorrow, ever again.

If this interests you, I encourage you to sign up now.

I’m excited to share my ideas with you!

The Art of Better Writing