What if you were allowed one idea in your lifetime and you had to run with that idea for the rest of your life?

That would make the choice that much more personal, scary, and insanely passionate.

Luckily none of us are faced with that decision. We can change our minds every day if we choose. We can follow the path of being an accountant this year, and branch off and be a nutrition counselor tomorrow. Completely left brain/right brain thinking, whenever and wherever we choose to do so.

But with that also lies a problem. Because we can and do change our minds so much, in many cases we leave our big idea on the table. We don’t recognize it or pursue it to the degree it could make us happy.

But there is a way to change that.

Follow The Biggest Idea Formula and ask yourself these three questions.

1. What would you like recognition for?

Recognition is hard for many of us. We don’t like to “toot our own horns” or be at the center of attention.

Yet there is one thing that affects you more than anything else. You’re willing to go as far as you need to in order to make a bigger impact in this one area.

If you could write one article that would instantly make you famous around the world, what would that one article cover?

2. What could you spend time on 24 hours a day?

There are dozens of industries and niches in which your big idea could come from. You just have to find the one that holds your attention 24 hours of the day. You think it. You live it. You sleep it. It is you.

Like the woman who loved her young children more than anything. There are millions of ideas that form when you have babies and toddlers. But if the one thing that drives you is what they eat, you can turn your idea into a million dollar natural baby food company.

Or the woman who struggled every day to take care of her 8 year old daughter and her 68 year old mom with Alzheimer’s. Likewise there are millions of ideas that could come from these relationships. Yet her passion was fueled by creating a coaching program to help other sandwiched single women cope with life.

3. How can you add a catch twist?

Come up with an idea and you can probably find someone doing it. In fact your business will be much easier to grow if you can find others already playing in the field.

Yet your opportunity comes from finding a catchy way to twist the concept into something new. That’s where concepts like “The Biggest Loser” and “The 4 Hour Work Week” come from.

You take your ideas and your passion, and add your own twist.

If you can say it in one sentence or under – you are on the right track!

If your idea can be formulated and created using these 3 questions, you are on your way to success. It won’t matter if you build it online or off. You’ll have opportunities everywhere.