One of the most difficult decisions we had to face when we decided to embark upon this new lifestyle was to sell our home.

Along the way, Andrew and I loved change. In fact all through our married years, we moved at least every three years. Until we bought our current home. Built in 1974, we chose it because of the outside more than the inside. On one quarter acre, we had a beautiful backyard that was incredibly peaceful in the summer time. With our back neighbors a bit to the side, it was easy to pretend we didn’t have neighbors with the lush surroundings.

We lived in our house for 9 years, and spent every summer making some change to the outside. We’d dig up a section, and bring in carload after carload of carefully selected plants. We ripped out a wooden deck and built a stone patio. We lovingly placed flowers everywhere. And every minute of the summer, we would spend eating, reading and just enjoying the surrounding area.

Because our gardens were our pride and joy, I photographed them in the heart of the summer, just so we could always look back and remember what it was like.