I’ve always been the type of person with big goals and dreams.

I remember sitting out on my parent’s deck one summer when I was in college, talking about all the great things I would do. Yes, I was a dreamer and an idea person back then too.

I sat there talking with my dad as my dreams escalated. “I can do this. I can do that. And maybe one day I can even be the President of the United States.”

Yep, I could soar pretty quickly. My dad just smiled.

Over in the corner sat my younger sister staring out at the world. “Too much ambition for me,” she said. Instead, her highest aspiration at that point was to be the reporter who wrote up descriptions for soap operas in the newspaper. “Now that’s a job for me,” she said with a dreamy look in her eye.

My dad leaned over and said, “You know she’ll make more money doing that than you’ll ever make with your President dreams.” He laughed. And I smiled too, because I knew in some ways he was right.

Personality and opinions have always gotten a person a long way in the world, especially when it comes to things people care most about. That’s what gossip columns are made of, whether it was decades ago in a newspaper, or in today’s world on a blog.

Fast forward a couple of decades and though technology has changed, nothing has changed when it comes to sharing personality and opinions. And in many ways, it’s stronger than ever before. (Some would say even crazy, over-the-top, and completely out of control.)

Reality television is hotter than any preconceived script written by a top network executive. And if you want the latest scoop on just about anything, you can find someone, somewhere, that is a self-proclaimed expert that can show you the ropes to follow.

The atmosphere is so filled right now, its almost unimaginable how anyone could ever think of a new way to present a subject matter in a way we haven’t heard of before.

And yet it happens, all the time.
You Are Part Of The Now Generation

Life happens. And what was once fresh and new, is now nothing more than old and out of date material.The Future Is Writing A Blog … Prepare To Be Inspired

When my mom was raising me as an infant and a toddler, her go-to source was Dr Spock. She had the book and carefully referred to it for all of her questions.

That was soooo out of date when I had my daughter. The What To Expect When You’re Expecting series became my bible. I referred to it all the time to make sure I was on track with keeping my daughter up to date.

And of course, in today’s world, if you ask 10 different moms their go-to sources for information, you’re likely to get 10 different answers depending on their likes and interests. A vegan mom will find a resource to raise her new child in a vegan environment. A mother of triplets will find a resource for raising multiples.

Yet in reality, what is the difference? Moms have been raising kids for thousands of years, and overall, as a society, we have all made it into adulthood just fine.

The difference is in the experience.

When we’re experiencing something new, we don’t want old, out of date information. We don’t want advice from someone who isn’t “there” in the moment, learning and growing with current information. We want someone who’s been there, done that, and can give us the latest data, as it applies to life right now in the present.

And that’s where a blog comes into play.

When I’m in the middle of experiencing something new in my life, I want to go in head first with as much information as possible so I can make informed decisions and be the best I can be. In this information-driven world, I have more opportunity than ever before to educate myself about every step of the way. So I find someone to latch onto, someone I resonate with and become a raving fan about everything they do.

I do my research, I find information from a “guru” or “expert” that I resonate with, and I commit to learning as much as I can from that person.
Blogging Is Your Microphone … Use It To Inspire

If you blog, you have the mechanism to write and share as much as you truly desire. And the more specific you are, the more niched you become, the easier it is to define your space in the online world.

If you blog, you’ll be found. If you don’t, the process is much more difficult; sometimes almost impossible.

Blogging is the newspapers of times long ago. And the great thing is, they are easily accessible, easily created, and something anyone with a Big Idea can do.

But what does it take to blog?

  • A desire to write.
  • A way to differentiate yourself and develop your own personality

I’ve been a vegetarian for years, and I’m always looking for new resources. I ran across a site yesterday that fits this concept perfectly … its called Bold Vegan. Their motto: Clean Food Guru With A Twist Of Filth On The Side. I love it. The writer has fun with what she does, and her posts are anything but boring. I mean, come on, how can you make polyunsaturated fatty acids sexy? But she does it in a fun and unique way.

And that’s what will make her successful. Her blog is her microphone and she’s using it well.

So what can you do with your own idea? Blog. Write. Develop your voice. Use it to inspire.

If you have a Big Idea, that’s definitely something to consider