We’re planning our six week trip to Europe, and have finally settled on spending the time in Spain and Italy. Spain because I’ve always wanted to see it (that and they had the cheapest airfares when we booked) and Italy because after several years of Latin and world history, our daughter wanted to experience Roman culture up close and personal.

People often have a look of shock when we mention a six week trip – six weeks, really? Because six weeks is beyond the realm of most individuals with a JOB. You can’t ask the boss if you can leave for six weeks. But you can leave if you are the boss!

The reason we settled on six weeks is it felt like a comfortable number this first time out. Our goal is to eventually take extensive getaways and spend weeks if not months in one location. But everything begins with a step, and for us this first step will teach us a lot of things. Like how to make sure you have WiFi and Internet access no matter where you are. And how to survive on a budget along the way. (No fancy restaurants every night – we’ll be looking at every market we can find.) And of course if its possible to stay disciplined and spend a few hours working during the days when so much beauty and unexplored territory lies right outside your doorstep.

Six weeks. What can we do in six weeks. The first couple of weeks came easily. We’re exploring a variety of cities within the two countries. Then we’ll settle down in one location for three weeks an “get down to business” while we use the train system to explore when our work is done.

Then there is the last week. Its one week. It should be easy to plan, right? Nope. Its been the most difficult task to date.

We know we’re flying out of Barcelona back home, so that makes our final destination set in stone. But every time we try and find a plan to get us from Italy back to Spain during that last week, we run into “bumps”. Like a ferry that doesn’t leave on the day we’re set to leave. Or a flight reservation that won’t have us in until sometime after midnight.

Every time we run into a bump, we put everything down and give it some time before we try again. And maybe that’s the way its supposed to be. Will things work out in the end? Of course. And ultimately that’s how things work in the end anyway. You can’t avoid a task or a day you are dreading. It comes no matter what you do or how you feel. And you just deal with it.

So maybe that’s what we’ll do with our last week – just deal with it. We’ll figure it out one way or the other. And it will all work out in the end.