The more choice you have, the more freedom you have.

That’s the underlying theory that runs through our society.

We value our freedom, so we want as many choices as possible.

So choice is good, right?

Maybe not.

What seems to happen if you give a person too many choices, in many cases the choice might be to make no choice at all. With so many different possibilities to you, you head into overwhelm and simply let the opportunity pass you by rather than making the choice and moving forward.

This Ted video provides a great look at the paradox of choice.

When it comes to leaving our current lifestyle, this could provide us with a serious problem.

When you have too many choices, it ends up producing something called paralysis. You have so many questions thrown at you, so many possibilities; you simply don’t have the ability to make a decision.

Let’s say you’ve decided you would love to start up your own business.

What type of business? When should you leave your job? Where should you set up shop? Who will be your clients? How will you reach them? Can you afford to do this? Is this something you should really do?

The questions fly in faster than you can respond.

So rather than moving forward and making a decision, you simply shut down, putting it into the “someday” side of your brain.

And that’s where that dream lies for many people out in society today.

Likewise, even if we overcome paralysis and start to do something – we actually move forward with our idea and open up a business – the choices never go away, and therefore its harder and harder to create success.

You’ve started up an art business and you want to sell your creations both online and off. How do you choose the right marketing tools? Should you have a website? How about a Facebook page? Where will you find traffic? What should you write about? How will you price your artwork? How will you sell it online? What payment system will you use?

Again, the questions are never ending.

So instead of taking action, you do nothing at all.

The problem isn’t having accessibility to the tools you need; it’s having so many choices you don’t know what to do first.

It’s not about lack of information to help you through the process, its having millions and millions of pages of information, without a clear course of what to do next.

The problem comes from having so much information you change courses again and again, or simply shut down altogether and do nothing because you can’t decide what to do next.

When you think in broad terms – “I will start a successful business” – you can never accomplish what you truly desire.

The only way to move forward is one step at a time.

  • I will create one painting to sell.
  • I need a tax license so I can sell my painting.
  • I need a website to sell my painting.
  • I need a Paypal account to have a shopping cart on my site.

These provide you with the steps to get you from A to B. And B to C.