Are you a fake person? I was too.

Fakeness comes when you don’t live your truth. When you live a life of lies.

Fake people spend so much time trying to please everyone around them and work hard to be all things to all people, that they forget they’re important too.

You hide YOU!

So you grow and change and age, not being able to speak your truth.

Everything you do is a part of that lie. The relationships you have. The environment you live in. The hobbies you take up. The job you do. Everything.

Except for that one little glimmer of light. The one tiny thing that lets your light shine.

You focus on it. Until eventually you can’t focus in on anything else.

And that’s when real change occurs.

I was that person. I’d built up a perfect front. I didn’t speak up; I let things be. Only a select group knew who I truly was. But to the rest of the world, I held back.

Until I reached the tipping point.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Why? Because many people around me weren’t in my tribe.

I loved them. But we didn’t have the same goals or values.

I was this; they were that. I was here; they were there. I believed this; they believed that.

I’m a classic introvert; I prefer to keep most of my opinions to myself.

So I quietly nodded my head, listening. But I wasn’t agreeing. I was merely shaking my head to avoid confrontation.

Until one day I couldn’t.

I couldn’t, or I’d scream. I’d explode.

Speaking your truth comes at a cost. And that cost can be too high for many. So we bite our tongues holding back, keeping peace with the tribes we’ve built.

That doesn’t change who you’re meant to be. It suppresses it. It fills you with doubt. It fills you with fear.

Until one day, you move forward because you can’t take it anymore.

Once you release it, a tidal wave of change comes your way. Your friends and family may threaten to disown you; they might not be willing to let you change. You’re given an ultimatum.

What should you do?

If you “follow” the old relationships, expect more of the same.

But if you change …

You might not have started out in a “fake” way. It happens slowly. It happens over time.

You bite your tongue here. You ignore there. You keep quiet and yell later, when you’re alone, away from confrontation.

Until you reach your point.

The point of no return.