How old are you?

What have you learned over those years?

I imagine it’s quite a bit.

If we sat down, I’m sure you could go into great depth on a variety of subjects. Subjects I may know nothing about. Things I may want to know more about in the future.

That knowledge is valuable.The Problem With Not Understanding Your Real Potential Value

And if somewhere deep in your knowledge base you choose to do something more with it – build a business from it – it becomes even more valuable.

Why? Because you’re suddenly declaring that you are going to take your knowledge to a whole new level and discover not just what you know now, but all you can about that subject matter from this point forward.

You’ll dive in and discover the secrets few people know about. You’ll discover shortcuts. You’ll learn implementation tricks and tips.

You’ll become the expert.

And by becoming the expert, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge that somebody else would be willing to pay for.

“I can’t charge for that.”

You’re thinking that now, aren’t you?

I know because I hear that every day.

But let me ask you something.

What if you’re daughter was suddenly diagnosed with childhood diabetes. Wouldn’t you pay someone to have instant access to a wealth of information on the subject – something that would let you have a huge influx of knowledge in as short of time as possible?

Or what if you were recovering from a health scare and looking for a new lifestyle that would help you live and eat better. Wouldn’t you pay for the advice (you do it every time you buy a book on a new subject matter)?

Somewhere along the way people fell into the assumption that making money is a bad thing.

“Money is the root of all evil.”

That isn’t exactly true. The true quote is

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Money is an inanimate object. It has no value unless we perceive it to have value. And when we become fixated on money itself and the power it brings, well that’s when we get into trouble.

But money isn’t evil. It’s just a way of allowing us to function as human beings. It’s a way for exchange to take place.

I have something of value. You give me something of value in return to have access to it.

What you know is valuable. You have days, weeks, months, even years of experience. It’s taken you a lifetime to know what you know right now.

And if you can use your knowledge to help someone else, to shorten his or her learning curve considerably, that’s where the value takes place. That’s where your real potential value begins.