Late in the 1800’s, most people were still considered entrepreneurs, or solo business owners. They worked for themselves, and found ways to make money for their family on their own. Then came the industrial revolution. And with it, the word “job” came to be. key to success

In just a few decades, the majority of people went from working for themselves, to working for the corporation. We needed the worker-bees to help build for our future. And what a grand job they did.

Now I think we’re on the path to entrepreneurship all over again. How long until the majority of the population works for themselves instead of the corporation?

Think about the thousands of people being laid off from the corporation each week. These jobs are not just blue-collar type positions. These positions are across the board, affecting the top to the bottom.

Think about benefits packages. Employees are now taking more responsibility for health care and pension funds. And that trend will continue to rise.

Think about the need for specialization. I am an entrepreneur. Rather than hiring a full time person, we go out and find a person with specialized skills as we need them. Contractors are in huge demand if they are good at what they do.

Think about the number of full time employed people that are building businesses on the side, or taking in second and third jobs to make a living. They understand the need for diversification, and for spreading out the way they bring in their income.

I remember when I quit my “job” to go full time with our photography business back in the 1990’s. Everyone in my office wished me luck, and said they admired me for being such a risk taker. A risk taker?

Who’s the REAL risk taker: a person who builds his or her own business, and gains income from a variety of clients; or a person relying on his or her employer to pay them 100 percent of their income?

Chuck Blakeman with Team Nimbus West Tweeted it in a great way:

“Risky owning your business? It only takes one person to fire an employee; many customers would have to fire me. Who has the most  risk?”

So if you’re thinking of starting a business, either on the side while you continue working, or on a full time basis, congratulations!

Let the 21st century revolution begin.

photo source k yohsen