I’m a deep thinker. I love to read books, look up different viewpoints, and really take topics in-depth. One of the things my daughter enjoys is talking about hot topics, and developing her own reasoning and intellect on the subject matter, coming up with support where she can.

So we’ll sit down on the weekends, or have dinner at any number of friends’ homes, and start talking politics, abortion issues, education, religion – a variety of things you can really only talk about with friends.

Today we started in on education, and I made a simple statement. “Your high school years are your fun years; this is the time to enjoy.”

She looked at me in all honesty and said, “This is fun?”

If this is as good as it gets, what’s the future going to bring?

As a business person, I’ve created a lifestyle that others only dream of. I work out of my home, work 40 hours if I’m busy planning, 20-30 if I’m not, and I enjoy life. I do lunch frequently with Andrew, or with friends and family. I walk and exercise. I enjoy my garden.

Yet for my daughter, she’s now wondering if studying is all she has to look forward to. Isn’t there more than this? Isn’t life about experiencing, not about regurgitating?

Maybe there is…