Welcome to the One Thought Podcast, where we’re reinventing midlife one thought at a time. I’m your host Lori Osterberg, and together we’ll discover a new way to think about what it means to reinvent ourselves for a vibrant, and successful second act.

A few years ago, on my fiftieth birthday, I started looking back at all I’ve accomplished since I graduated college. I must admit, it’s been a wild ride.

From marriage and family, to starting up several businesses, to moving halfway across the country Just Because, I’ve jumped at everything with gusto. I’ve often been kidded that CHANGE is my middle name.

And right now, change is being thrown at us big time.

They say 50 is the new 40. Or maybe it’s the new 30. For me, it’s all about me being who I am, right here, right now. And I want that to be the very best it can be.

As I navigate this new frontier, I want to learn all I can about being the best at every age. I want great relationships. I want successful career and business opportunities. I want to invest like a woman, and play like a woman. I want to travel down life’s path and create a lifestyle I truly want to live every moment of.

I’ve been exploring this reinvention topic for several years now. I’ve created a blog on the topic. I’ve written books on the subject. I’ve interviewed dozens of women to find out what reinvention means to them. But now, it’s time to take it to the next level. To create a podcast where we explore it on a deeper level.

And that’s where One Thought was born.

When I discover an idea, I dive deep. I want to know all I can about it. I want to be fully immersed. I want to play fully. And that’s what I want to bring to my One Thought Podcast.

Some of my episodes, I’ll talk directly to you about the one thought that won’t leave my mind. I’ll explore it from all the angles I’ve been approaching it from, and give you ways to integrate it into your own life.

Some of my episodes will be exploring One Thought with others in my tribe. We’ll always start with one question – one thought – and take it from there.

And if you want to join the conversation, I welcome you to be a part of One Thought, my new venture. Send me your one thought; what you’re thinking, what you’re exploring. I’ll use that to frame some of my future podcasts, to help each and every one of us get everything we can as we reinvent what it means to me in the prime of our lives – midlife – and how to create a vibrant, sexy, and successful second act to move forward with.