I’m willing to bet you use this word every day. And it’s holding you back.

In fact, it’s costing you a great deal.

  • It’s limiting your income potential.
  • It’s preventing you from sharing what you do best with people that could really benefit from what you have to share. And
  • It’s blocking you from living the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

All of this from one tiny little three letter word?

Yep. And in case you haven’t guessed it by now, that word fills our days and our futures when we say things like “I would, but…”.

That silly little word holds a lot of power, right?

Think back for a moment and try to focus in on where you’ve used it just this past week. You can probably come up with a lot of examples. And if you search even further back, most of your life’s current problems stem from using that one word over and over again. We’re you the person that said things like:

“I would go to college, but…”
“I would take that job, but…”
“I would give that opportunity a try, but…”
“I would turn my big idea into a business, but…”

What if you would have eliminated the but from any of those sentences above? Where would you be today? What would you be doing?

Transforming Your Future With A Three Letter Word

Now I want you to answer one more question.

How old are you right now? What would you do one year from today if you changed that but around and did something positive instead?

Its easy … if you change the but to another three letter word … the word and.

1. I’d love to start up a business but (and) I don’t know where to start.

Starting up a business is a scary thought. Where do you begin? And if all of your family and friends around you are worker bees, and you have no one to support you as you move forward with your dream, where will your support come from?

The answer lies in the fact you don’t have to accomplish everything in one day. The only way to accomplish anything is in doing one thing now, one thing tomorrow, and so on until it adds up into something big.

For instance, if you really want to start up your own business, give yourself some credit – you’re on this site and looking for advice. That’s the best place to start. Do one thing. Make sure you’ve signed up for my newsletter so you can have action-filled tips each week to help you take one of those steps forward. Then invest in things you need. If you need help getting your plan on paper, start with Visioneering You, a guide that will help you figure out what your Big Idea really looks like, what its potential is, and how to move it forward. Sometimes the tiniest of steps can help you the most, and make the big picture look a little less fuzzy.

2. I’d love to write a book but (and) I don’t have the time.

For many people, the idea of writing a book to tell their story falls to the top of their bucket lists . They want to give a try at writing fiction. Or maybe they have a problem they want to share in a how-to book, and move that concept forward into a larger business model, like a consulting or coaching business.

Ultimately it starts with a book. So nothing gets done until the book is written. And the concept of a 50,000 page book is daunting at best, right?

That’s why chunking works well in this concept. If you’ve never started before because the concept of writing 50,000 words is terrifying, what if you make it more doable? What if you approached it in 500 word chunks instead? Could you write 500 words today? And 500 words tomorrow?

Sounds less terrifying, right?

By looking at your current lifestyle and finding bits and pieces where you can devote time to what you truly want to do, and you make your goals manageable instead of out of this world, you’ll quickly find a way to fit everything into your schedule.

3. I’d like to market my new idea but (and) I can’t figure it out.

Marketing and sales are terrifying. Most people assume you have to be born a salesperson in order to be good at it.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Marketing and sales can be learned. But you have to give it the time it deserved and know it will come step by step. When you learn one tactic, another one will find its way in. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle. The more you learn, the bigger the picture becomes. And the more you see how it all fits together.

4. I’d love to have an online business, but (and) it sounds hard and confusing.

As a baby, you learned how to crawl before you walked, and how to walk before you ran.

It’s the same with an online business.

You have to discover what products and services you will sell to your potential clients, then develop a plan to reach your target market through online resources.

Can it be done overnight? Of course not. But there are logical steps to take you from point a to point b, and so on.

When you change your mindset and move away from the “but”, you’ll begin looking for resources that can help you discover what you need to know about online success. For instance, having your own blog is a necessity; it allows you to create your own content and have ways to connect with potential clients again and again.

Then once you have a blog in place, you’ll have to discover the best way to write your posts and create your unique online personality.

From there, it’s step by step, a little at a time.

5. I’d like to quit my job, but (and) I need all of my current income.

This is a big one. The true definition of a JOB is just above broke. That means an employer is willing to pay you just enough to keep you coming back day after day, week after week with the promise of a paycheck that will give you only the things currently in your life.

When you come up with your big idea and have the desire to turn it into a business, your JOB prevents it because you can’t lose any of the income currently coming into your life.

But what if you approached it another way? If you need all of your current income, how could you find that income from another source?

Let’s say you are currently making $5,000 a month at your current position. What if you could make the same amount of income coaching 5 people a month at $1,000 each? Or sell $500 worth of products to 10 people each month?

Sometimes putting the numbers to things helps you look at it in a different light. And makes it seem more doable; more reachable.

6. I’d love to help people, but (and) I don’t have any support.

Support is all around you.

Do you need someone to watch your kids a few hours a week so you can get things done? Find other moms in your area that are willing to trade. When my daughter was little, I knew two other moms who were in similar circumstances. We traded one afternoon a week each, which gave us two afternoons a week without kids. And 8 hours every week where we could really sit down and focus in on our businesses without having to worry what our kids were up to. That time was huge and really helped me get my business off the ground.

That’s just one example. As women, in many cases we’re scared to ask for help. Stop. Find what you need and ask for it. Because the more help you ask for, the more you’ll receive, the more you can do.

7. I’d love to do this, but (and) I don’t have the right credentials.

This is another one in which women get caught up in. We feel like we need to be the most decorated expert in the world in order to offer and get paid for our advice.

Nope. Not the case.

If you’ve lived through something, learned about something, studied something, spent years discovering the best techniques and resources, why wouldn’t that be worth something to someone who is just entering that phase of his/her life?

Yep, you guessed it. It’s invaluable. Depending on the person and the situation, some people would pay hundreds, thousands, even millions to be privy to that kind of information.

It’s all perspective. And the more you realize that everything you do has value, the more you’ll be able to share your gift with the world.