Lori’s Getting Unstuck Books

In case you couldn’t tell by the dozens upon dozens of pages that fill my sites, I like to write. All of my writing centers around reinvention, how to build a life even more amazing then the stuff you choose to leave behind. In my books, I break things down to the nitty gritty, helping you accomplish one thing in your life quickly and efficiently. Yes, this is a work in progress. I’ll be adding more books to my Unstuck series all the time. (You have signed up for my ezine, haven’t you?) Read on to find the right books for you, and where you are currently in your journey.
Getting Unstuck Books by Lori Osterberg
Second Act: How To Pursue a Long Delayed Passion
Why this book? What have you been dreaming about forever? Have you always wanted to dance? Build a business? Sell everything and travel the world? Why not turn your wishes into reality, and make your hidden passion the greatest part of your second act. Author Lori Osterberg uncovers why we all have secret wishes we all carry deep inside, and how only a few of us turn them into reality. If you want more from your Second Act, use this guide to help you create the right steps to make your passion a reality.

Starting Today: A Question a Day To Reinvent Your Second Act
Why this book? What’s next? You grew up. Went to college. Started a career. Got married. Had a family. Life happened. But somewhere along the way, none of it made sense anymore. You started with the best of intentions, so why do you feel like you want to escape? Maybe it’s because you aren’t asking the right questions. Starting Today gives you one insightful question a day to ponder and discover what’s really hidden deep within. Through the course of a year, you’ll discover more about the dreams you thought you lost long ago, and how to find the real you once again. It’s time to reinvent yourself for an exciting, rewarding second act! NOTE: This journal is paperback only giving you plenty of room to write your thoughts.
The Successful Women In Midlife: 10 Master Strategies to Downsize and Simplify Your Way to a Better Life
Why this book? Is your life exactly how you planned it? Or do you wake up in the morning asking: Is this all there is? Maybe it’s midlife. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s the “birthday” you’ve been dreading for years. Whatever it is, you’ve finally reached a point where you’re sick and tired of doing everything for everyone else. It’s your turn! Reinvention expert Lori Osterberg shows you how to put success into your midlife by deciding what’s most important, what’s not, and putting together a step by step strategy to make the most out of the rest of your life!  

Getting Unstuck: 101 Life Changes That Will Put You On The Road To A New You
Why this book? Are you stuck? Stuck in a dead-end job you hate? Stuck in a relationship that no longer works for you? Stuck in a life that is anything but inspiring? Welcome to midlife! Getting Unstuck offers you 101 life changes that will make you think just a little bit differently, open up your mindset to new possibilities. If you’ve been feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward, Getting Unstuck is the your doorway to finding out what you really want and what it takes to get there.  

Visioneering You! 8 Steps To Reinventing Your Life… and Your Lifestyle
3D Visioneering You
Why this book? Ready To Make Your BIG IDEA a Reality? “I did everything I was supposed to do. I went to school. I got the degree. I found the job. I did the work. I have the life everyone said I should have. Now what? I feel like there should be something more…” Have you spoken those words? You’re not alone. We were all led down this path, told what we needed to do to find success – find happiness. Yet once we arrive, happiness was nowhere in sight. Visioneering You gives you an eight-step process to finding out what your BIG IDEA really is, and more importantly, how to make room for it in your life. Whatever your goal, from creating a fulfilling hobby to starting a full-time business, Visioneering You is the guide you need to reinvent your life right now and make your second act the most exciting phase yet!