Your a business restaurant owner. You arrive at work before dawn to get ready for the day. You manage people, bring in the food, make sure customers are happy, market the business … and on and on.

So when someone mentions a new thing like Twitter, its easy to discount it and push it aside.

But, if you take a look at it and jump on before the majority of your competitors in your local area, you just may have a new inexpensive marketing technique that will really help you bring in the business when you need it most.

Let’s say your Tuesday’s are your slowest day for lunch. Why not start up a Tuesday Twitter campaign? You send out a Tweet offering a free appetizer or something else of value to your followers – all they have to do is mention you heard it on Twitter.

twitter campaign

I just saw a Tweet come through from someone I’m following about a free cup of award winning clam chowder simply for mentioning Twitter. (Too bad I’m not in California, sounds good to me.) I might not be there, but how many are? And how many are planning on taking advantage of this great offer? The re-tweets are still being circulated as I write this.

Building your list is easy. Start with your clients. Give everyone that visits your location a card telling them you’re now on Twitter, and you’ll be offering surprises along the way if they follow you.

Add to the conversation every day. Even if you only have a few minutes of time, use those minutes to tweet and make contacts.

Then create your special promotions. Tuesday Twitter specials. Free appetizers. Free meals with purchase. Free desserts. Make up new specials based on your menu, the time of year, and … well really anything will work.

You’ll quickly see your followers grow. And have a new, FREE way of marketing your business and growing your client list.