What can you do with social networking?

Well if you’re trying to raise money and awareness about literacy, it can be amazing. tim ferris

Chances are you’ve heard of Tim Ferris and his mega best seller, The 4 Hour Work Week. My copy looks like a college text book, with highlighted paragraphs and stick tabs throughout the book.

On his blog, he’s trying a new experiment. It’s more like an ethical bribe.

The Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 Per Twitter Follower

In order to raise money for literacy and library programs throughout the United States (and increasingly around the world) he will donate $1 for every person that follows him on Twitter, and an anonymous donor will follow up with a $2 donation. (@tferriss)

Pretty incredible goals. So far he’s gained over 4,000 followers. His goal is to reach 50,000 new followers.

  • It’s great for literacy – what a great way of raising awareness and money for something that impacts our lives.
  • And it’s also a great example of using a noble cause for dual purposes.

What could you do with 75,000 people following you?