Change. It’s all around us.

Sometimes we choose big change – we quit a job and start up a new business.

Sometimes we choose change on a much smaller scale – we set up a blog as a marketing tool for our business.

And sometimes change is handed to us – we receive a diagnosis of cancer.

But no matter what type of change we put into our life, it takes commitment to see it through.

Even with all of the best intentions, it’s hard to make a change stick in your life. You swear you’re going to make things different, but the first time temptation comes around, you fall back to your own routines. Its scary making a change, and the bigger it is, the scarier it is. How do you get past that hurdle?

Recognize That Change Is Eminent

Recognizing that a change is near in our lives sometimes hits us all at once; we refer to those moments as a lightbulb moment.

Other times, recognition sort of creeps in slowly, stirring something from deep inside. You may feel irritable, frustrated, full of anxiety, or even lacking inside.

Change can also occur in a variety of other ways. Maybe it’s an unexpected diagnosis, a broken relationship, menopause, or finding yourself in an empty nest situation.

No matter how change approaches us, the first step of the process is to realize that its here to stay. The only way to move forward is to move forward! Once you realize that and commit to it, the next part of the process is free to move in.

What Does It Take To Make Change Effective?

Turn Inward And Discover What This Change Truly Means To You

I think too often we have a desire, but we let the outside influences rule instead. This is where things like meditation, journaling, or other self-time comes into play. Spend some time quietly each day turning inward and discovering who you really are. If this change is meant to be, it will quickly keep bubbling up.

Our core values will always be a part of us, guiding us towards what’s right for us; our ultimate truth. It’s our thoughts and feelings and beliefs that can be altered over time with the things going on around us.

This can be a difficult process; one that may take a lifetime in some circumstances. The more you fight it, the more you miss out on the influences it can have in your life. How can this be?

In some cases, your behavior has become dated and no longer serves the person you are meant to be. Through education, learning, and growing as a person, your beliefs are challenged and adjusted as you come to new conclusions. That’s where real growth occurs.

And whether you’ve chosen this path for change – a desire for starting up a business – or change has chosen you – stage four cancer diagnosis – ignoring the desire and living in the past will only deny the person you are meant to be.

What We Choose To Think About Becomes Our Reality

There are no right or wrong decisions about change. Everyone must come to his or her own reality. It’s neither wrong nor right. But in the end, what we choose to focus on becomes our reality.

If a person has a lighbulb moment, and quickly starts building up a new company, the more they choose to focus in on its growth, the more success they will find. Likewise, if a person has that same lightbulb moment, but puts work and family issues ahead of doing what it takes to start up a company, the idea quickly fades away without any action.

Both situations are possible. Both situations require action. And both are created through focus. This can work on a large scale just as easily as it can a small one.

Lets say you’ve had a strong desire to blog for your new business, but have been nervous about writing on a regular basis. Writing isn’t a big problem, but you don’t know what to say. Will your posts be good? The more you worry, the more you put off the task until a year goes by with no action. By not blogging, you’ve changed in other ways. You’ve done other things in the time it would have taken you to blog each week. You’ve made other things a priority instead.

Consciousness and Action

Even if you really want change, and you’ve had it in your life for months or even years, it can still be an active, conscious choice that you must take action on for the rest of your life.

Think of the alcoholic that has made a conscious decision to never drink again. He truly never wants to drink again and has made great strides in improving his life. But if outside stressors impact him in the wrong way, he must always take action, and consciously decide what means more to him, alcohol or his new life?

That’s an easy example to explain and to understand, but it works in the business world as well.

I met a woman out networking a while back who handed out business cards and pushed her freelance writing services. She had a great elevator speech, had a number of clients under her belt. But when I sat down and had coffee with her, she made a crucial mistake that told me she wasn’t ready to become a full-fledged business owner. “I lost my job three years ago, and I’ve been doing this for two years now. I’ll keep doing this until something better comes along.”

She hasn’t put her heart and soul into her business. She hasn’t completed the necessary steps to believe she is a business owner. Instead, she is biding her time, making enough money to survive, just until the tides turn and a “real” job comes her way.

Change is eminent. It happens every day. What you choose to do in response is what will dictate the outcome now and for many years to come.


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