How many a-ha moments do you have every day?

I try and gain one early in the morning, as fast as I can. That’s why I read. Books. Posts. Articles. It doesn’t matter. I read something new until I get that a-ha in my mind.

Today it hit me when I read this.

“Want” is the older brother of “doubt.”
First we want, then we doubt that we can get what we want.
~James Altucher

Humans start out in this world wanting a lot.

What I want…

I want a degree.

I want that degree to lead to a good job. The kind with lots of benefits. A retirement plan. Health insurance. A paycheck on a regular basis.

I want the job to be there, supporting me, paying me year after year, for as long as I want it.

I want to find the perfect relationship. A husband that will love and support me.

I want to buy a beautiful home. A place to fill with many things. To be happy in. To create memories and grow old in.

I want to have kids. I want to make sure they have a great school system. I want to give them every advantage.

I want that new car.

I want new clothes.

I want to go on vacation.

I want a bigger house. I don’t have enough room.

I want all of those gadgets to fill the shelves and drawers in my gourmet kitchen.

I want a different job. This one doesn’t do it for me anymore.

I want something new

See where this goes? You start out with specifics, tangible items you can get. Things that are the natural order of our society. It’s easy to get the degree or buy the house. We can even find a husband, if marriage is our only goal. Their physical, you can reach out and touch them. Check them off of a list.

But eventually, you get to where things become intangible.

I want more. But what does that mean?

I want happiness. But what does it take to get there?

I want to build something.

I want success.

I want to feel something.

I want to give back.

I want to make a difference.

I want passion.

This is when we get stuck. This is when we start questioning why.

Why are we here?

Why haven’t we figured all of this out yet?

Why haven’t things happened?

Why haven’t you achieved what they promised?

And more importantly, you start pondering:

What’s next?

Is it something that happens in midlife?

Is it a crisis?

Is this all there is?


You simply have to stop. Reach out. Take more. Reinvent. Realize you can have more if you’re willing to reach out and find it. Take it. Adjust. Change for it.

You have to define it.

I want success.

That could mean a million dollars in the bank.

It could be staying at home with your kids

It could be providing the best education for your children.

It could mean starting your own company and working at it full time.

It could mean falling in love with someone and wanting to spend a lifetime with them.

It could mean changing the world.

How would you define what you want most out of this world?