What If The Money Really Doesn’t Last The Rest Of My Life?

The future is a very scary place.

That’s why I don’t live there very much. But I have in the past. I think a lot of that comes with age.

I’ve worried about a lot of things. The college degree I got. Job skills. The right investments. The right savings. Where I live. What I do.

The funny thing is no matter what I worry about, no matter how much time I spend stressed out about what potentially will happen in the future, it never really matters. The future happens anyway. Nothing I can do about it.

So I quit worrying.

But it doesn’t mean I stopped thinking.

First, there’s old world thinking.

You know you have it if your life looks like this:

You have one job. One hundred percent of your income comes from that one job. Your checking account holds only enough to pay your bills. Savings accounts… what savings accounts? Retirement is a gamble… Social Security will be there when you hit the magical age, right?

And it all falls apart the day you receive your pink slip.

Then there’s our modern age.

Your life looks something like this.

You work because you like what you do. A paycheck enters your bank account every couple of weeks. Your small business helps keep your taxes low and gives you a place to let your creativity shine through. You receive royalties on the books you’ve written, the music you’ve produced. You receive consulting income when you chat with other small business owners. You sit on the board of several local companies. And every time someone clicks on that link on your website, an affiliate commission is logged into your account. And those clicks come in every day, all day long.

See the difference?

One is made to increase your stress.

One makes you worry from day to day. Even if you don’t think much about it, there’s still always that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that says, “what if my job goes away?”

And the other eliminates your stress.

It creates an environment ripe with opportunity.

One creates the countdown philosophy engrained in your soul. Every day of midlife you watch the calendar clicking by until the magical day of retirement appears. Then what?

And the other makes you say, “retirement? What’s that all about?” Because when you have so much going on in your life, and all of it is working in different ways, how would you ever quit and go into retirement?

Sure, you may eventually let the 9 to 5 go, but the books will still bring in royalties. And it may free up your time to allow you to write more books. You’ll have enough insight that people will beg you to coach and consult them. Who doesn’t want to learn from someone who’s “been there, done that.” You’ll find ways to invest in companies that have meaning to you.

And thanks to this wonderful thing they call the Internet, you can do almost anything from anywhere in the world.

  • Get up and write from 5 to 9 every morning. I do. It’s the best time in the world to write. And it opens up the rest of your day to a world of potential.
  • Build relationships in the mid morning hours by having breakfast with friends, hiking with your girlfriends, taking a class or two.
  • Spend a few hours learning a new strategy. It can help you grow a new income stream… or a new business.
  • Take a couple of hours for reading and podcasting. You do have mentors you learn from on a daily basis, don’t you?
  • Connect with people all around the world. Some of my most valued relationships are kept current through email, forums, and private chat rooms. Nope, I haven’t seen many of them in months, some I’ve never met in person at all.

Pretty soon, your life is filled with all kinds of opportunity. And it’s no longer a worry about where the money is coming from, it’s what will you do next.

We shine brighter with less worry in our lives.
We give more when we have more to give.Tweet: We shine brighter with less worry in our lives. We give more when we have more to give.

The past may be cast in stone, but that doesn’t mean your future is inevitable. Change your spirit, change your direction.

And leap forward fantastically.