What I’m Reading 2020

I can’t imagine a life without books.

I remember reading a statistic years ago that stated a huge number of people will never read another book once they graduate from school. I found that statistic startling. I went looking for that information today and the numbers are even scarier than I remember:

  • One-third of high school graduates will never read another book
  • 42 percent of college graduates never read another book
  • 80 percent of US families didn’t read a book last year
  • 70 percent haven’t been to a bookstore in the past five years


Books are windows to the world. Without books, how would we learn? How would we grow? How would we share our knowledge and be the best we can be?

Want to know one habit ultra-successful people do regularly? Yup, they read.

Who can argue with that? Not me.

I’ve been a reader all of my life. I have books stacked all over my house waiting to be read. I can’t imagine my world without books in it; it simply will never be.

Last year, I shared 57 book recommendations with you! That’s more than one per week (I always have been a bit of an overachiever 😉 ).

I’ve always loved finding book recommendations through places like the New York Times Best Seller lists, or through some of my favorite authors and mentors. What I was surprised with is how many recommendations I took from Instagram last year. If you haven’t followed book clubs through Instagram, check it out. I like Reese’s Book Club and Oprah’s Book Club.

Don’t forget to use my 2019 book recommendation list too.


Lifespan by David Sinclair
Talk To Me by James Vlahos

What should I read? Have a suggestion? Have a list I should check out? Let me know.