As entrepreneurs, our health insurance plan was simple at best. We chose what we called “catastrophe” insurance – we were young, never needed a doctor, and thought it best if we saved that money for building the business.

As we got older, we began thinking we should improve on our coverage. So we applied for new health insurance. And I was turned down. Complete shock is all I can say. I’ve had perfect health my entire life, and have only been in the hospital twice – when I was born and when I had Fallon. But due to an iron deficiency during my pregnancy, my files were “marked”. And I was turned down.

Then came the diagnosis of skin cancer in October 2010. I wasn’t scared about the skin cancer, and I didn’t cry because of the “cancer”. I cried because of the impact of insurance. Would we have enough to cover it? Would it set us back from our plans? And now I knew I would NEVER get affordable health insurance again.

When I stopped to think about all this, I realized the focus was entirely on the wrong thing. Instead of my health, I focused on money. So while it was difficult to do, I slowly changed and let the money part go. Now that the cancer is gone and I’m back to my usual self, and paying monthly for my multi-thousands of dollars I owe, I’m looking at all of the ways I can make changes for the better in my life.