I started out with the greatest of intentions.

I would get up, meditate, journal, do a little bit of yoga. Then it’s off to my writing chair where I would pound out a couple of thousand words on my latest book.

But then I heard the rain.

And I snuggled for an extra hour.

I opened up my email to find a client “emergency” that needed solving yesterday.

And a phone call came in that sent me on a rush to put out the fires.

Ever had days like that?

We take the good and the bad in life every single day.

Sometimes it’s lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in ages.

Sometimes it’s a call from a relative with the worst news imaginable.

But in an instant, your entire plan is thrown out the window, leaving you to scratch your head and wonder what to do next.

Will you ever get this new project off the ground?

Will you ever be able to write your book? Or start your business? Or build that website? Or develop that idea?

Will you ever have the time to make a plan? Or get that thought out from deep within?

When it all goes to hell, you turn around and make yourself the promise of trying a little harder tomorrow.

I remember when “tomorrow” was a part of my normal vocabulary.

I couldn’t wait for school to start because my days would get back to normal.

I couldn’t wait to finish a job because it would give me more time to do with as I pleased.

Tomorrow I would say; tomorrow.

What To Do When Your Day Goes To Hell

Yet one day I looked at all the “tomorrows” I had been promising myself over the years. They added up to a LOT of time.

Because it was always “tomorrow” that I would start on my book.

It was “tomorrow” where I would design my new website.

It was “tomorrow” where I would make my move.

And looking back I discovered that just wasn’t happening.

I needed focus. I needed commitment. I needed to take action.

And that’s where I found the key.

I have two rules.

1. No matter what, I take action every day

There are two kinds of action. Action to bring you closer to your goal, and all other action.

We live life in a constant state of action. The boss needs a project, we complete it and hand it over. The kids need things for school, we buy it and bring it in. These are other people’s actions. They have to be completed to keep those around you happy.

Then there are your goals. Your dreams. This is where action often fails. This is where tomorrow usually comes into play.

If I want to write a book, I have to write on it every day. I have to block out the time and write. I have to stick with my schedule and write.

I have to do it every day. I have to track it. I have to commit to it. I have to do it.

There is no other way.

2. If my day goes to hell, I improvise

And then my days go to hell. My set aside time is filled with other chores. My timeframe is consumed by others needs.

That’s when its time to improvise. And take action anyway.

If I normally write from 8 to 10, I’ll improvise and write from 2 to 4. Or 7 to 9. Or 10 to 12.

But no matter when it gets down, I have only one rule: It HAS to Get DONE. I HAVE to work at it. I MUST take action.

It’s the only way I will ever achieve my goals.

I know it. I do it. And it gets done.

Do you?