“Was it really like that back then?”

Think about how much has changed in our lifetimes.

Do you remember landlines? Yep, me too. A few years ago I had to explain them to my daughter.

Remember the first computer you purchased? Today’s teenagers and even some twenty-somethings don’t remember a time without them.

Remember using maps when you went on vacation? How did we do it without Siri guiding our way?

What’s Happening To Our Future?

As much as we seem to have to complain about in this world, there are a multitude of advancements that have made our world better.

Have you found yourself complaining about the way things are? About what you’ll have to deal with in the coming years?

Maybe you’re looking at it in the wrong light.

The employment model is changing. Jobs are going away. Entire fields are disappearing. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. People are reaching their limits. They want out. They are tired of the depression, of not feeling fulfilled. What if instead of having to work for money, we learned to work for fulfillment instead? What if we did what we desired to do? What if we did things because it means something? What if we made that all possible, teaching kids from an early age they truly can be anything they choose to be?

The entrepreneurship model is changing. Many entrepreneurs came up with an idea, found an investor to make it grow, and built it as fast as they could. But if you go big, get funded, in most cases you go back to working at a job. Entrepreneurship today means making money your way. It means finding a way to build up an income stream that allows you to be the best at what you can be. It allows you to provide specialized service, focused opinions, niched products. It allows you to do what’s best for you … and have others appreciate what you do along the way.

The rise of collaboration. Welcome to the share economy. I want to help. I want the world to change. When we no longer look at the world as our competition, we can begin to see how alike we all are. How much we all want the same things. If I help you, you’ll help me.

The fall of consumerism. How much do we really need? Today you’ll find the slow movement in a variety of industries. Slow travel. Slow food. Slow life. We’ve peaked how much we are willing to purchase, and no longer need “stuff” to feel satisfied.

Take charge of our health. You get one body in this lifetime, the better you care for it, the better your lifestyle. Who doesn’t want to race with their kids, travel with their grandkids, feel great each and every morning you jump out of bed. We will find it as we define better health insurance. We’ll see it as we change food production. We’ll see it as we demand wellness care – not sickness care. We’ll eat better. We’ll take care of what we have. Because it’s all that we have. It defines the life we’re able to live.

Unschooling. There has to be a better way, and we’re seeing new movements defining it. Why teach the old way when kids know more than teachers? Ask a twenty-something how many times they sat through a computer skills class to perform research projects in the library. Why teach what they don’t need? Is cursive writing really a necessity? Many kids today will never use an AP class in advanced mathematics, but a class in personal finance would rock their world. Rethinking what we teach will allow them to achieve their personal bests in easier ways.

The awakening of who we are meant to be. We feel it deep inside, who we’re meant to be. Yet we teach, we train, we lecture, we herd people along a generic path that rarely works for all but a select few. When we separate ourselves from those who hold us back, we can choose a clearer path to find the journey we’re meant to take.

Silently, some of us are beginning to awaken.

Slowly, we’re starting to inch forward, helping others willing to come along.

Here’s my challenge to you this week:

How do you see our future? What does the world look like in 5 years? What are you doing today to prepare for it? Many get left behind because they don’t prepare. Take time to set your goals. Then take the necessary steps to put it into action.

It may be time for a little reinvention!