Bring in the light.
Don’t conquer the darkness.

For years now, Oprah and Deepak Chopra have put together three 21 day meditation programs each year designed to help you improve one portion of your life. They offer the training for free for a few days, and for purchase to download and take with you on your mobile device after that. I’ve taken advantage of their free programs (they have one taking place right now) and have invested in my favorites to listen to again and again.

The training taking place right now is the power of connection. Today’s lesson was on making real heart to heart connections and bringing our inner light of love out into the world.

The one piece of advice that stuck with me immediately was:

Bring in the light.
Don’t conquer the darkness.

I’m a classic overachiever. Overachievers have a lot of characteristics in common:

  • We love achieving – the more things we can get on our plates, the better.
  • We have a fear of failure – we’ll work hard to avoid failing, even if it means doing things we shouldn’t be doing.
  • We’re future focused – everything we do helps us become who we think we want to be, and in some cases, who others think we should become.
  • We’re anxious – because there’s always more we can do. Always.
  • We’re a perfectionist – why do anything half way?
  • We’re the first one to volunteer – we’re the one in ten different groups, trying to make our mark in every way possible.

I also spend every day in the real world:

  • Ads tell me I need to lose weight, choose different product to look better, and buy new things to improve who I am in this world.
  • The news fills me with dread. Will this election ever be over? And when it is, will the world survive?
  • I just received an email telling me I’m stupid, ugly, and I’d do the world a favor if I ended it all right now. Really?

And the real world is trying to teach me things in so many ways:

  • Spending hours talking politics will help me solve world problems.
  • Spending hours pouring over news sources online will keep me better informed.
  • Trying to make me thinner/more beautiful/better dressed/ more in tune with the Joneses takes a whole lot of time.

But here’s the thing; what will any of this do for me? And what will it do for the world I live in?

I cannot build a strong relationship with anyone unless I have the strength within me. Which means the more time I spend working on me, the stronger I become, the more I have to give the outside world.

Bring in the light.

What’s your light?

  • The knowledge you learn while starting a business.
  • The information you acquire while trying something new.
  • The strength you gain by trusting yourself to do things right for you.
  • The forte you achieve by giving yourself permission to become a better you.

Let this in. Let it shine.

And of course, that also means you have to stop trying to conquer the darkness.

Because darkness is beyond your control.

  • You can worry about election results, but you can’t change the process.
  • You can worry about the economy, but you can only control what you contribute to your own bottom line.
  • You can worry about how others view you, but it won’t change the fact that you have everything to give to those that choose to know you and love you.

Because darkness is beyond your control.

Right now, right this second, I have 100 percent to give. How I choose to give it is up to me.

I can bring in the light. Or I can attempt to conquer the darkness.Tweet: can bring in the light. Or I can attempt to conquer the darkness.

I know which I’m choosing, how about you?

Here’s my challenge to you this week:

To reinvent your life, you have to give 100 percent to the things that bring in the light. What is your light? Where should you be spending your time?

Now ask yourself if this is truly where you are spending your time. Or are you doing things in attempt to conquer the darkness instead? Do your actions impact you? Or are you spending time on things beyond your control?

It may be time for a little reinvention!